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Bulk Image Downloader

Download entire image galleries and videos from various hosting websites and extract image informa…

Oct 28th 2020, 03:39 GMT

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Amor Photo Downloader

A tool for downloading pictures from web galleries fast and easy

Feb 7th 2010, 18:16 GMT

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Picture Downloader 1.8.717

Search for, download and manage video, audio or multimedia files from your favorite websites with …

Dec 19th 2012, 00:37 GMT

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Yahoo Group Downloader 4.3

Download pictures, files, and text messages from Yahoo! Groups using batch processing, filter imag…

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flickr downloadr Beta

Open-source application that provides you with a simple way to view your Flickr albums and photos …

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RipMe 1.7.93

Download image and video albums from numerous popular media hosting websites easily, with this lig…

Jul 30th 2020, 00:12 GMT

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GSA Image Spider 3.51

Extract and download images from specific URLs or search for files on multiple web pages, with thi…

Nov 3rd 2020, 17:40 GMT

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Vov Picture Downloader 2.0

Search for pictures online and download them with a few clicks, with various filtering options to …

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Picasa Downloader

Download Picasa photos by just entering the Picasa username and selecting the albums you want to s…

Feb 15th 2018, 13:58 GMT

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Tumblr Tools 1.7.0

Download photo posts from Tumblr blogs effortlessly, get basic stats and extract tags, with this l…

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DownThemAll! 4.2.6

Download various types of objects from a Firefox webpage, filter items, split large files into mul…

Nov 26th 2019, 14:30 GMT

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Grabber 7.3.2

An application that enables you to batch download pictures from a wide variety of image boards, as…

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Automatic Image Downloader 3.10.0

Download an unlimited number of images and wallpapers from your favorite websites with the help of…

Oct 28th 2019, 09:37 GMT

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Reddit Downloader 0.1 Pre-release

Unobtrusive app that downloads images and Imgur albums from your saved posts on Reddit while runni…

May 12th 2017, 12:30 GMT

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The Image Collector Portable 1.16

View and download images from various online resources, including Flickr, with this application th…

Feb 21st 2017, 18:03 GMT

Windows Vista / Windows Vista 64 bit / Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64 bit

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The Image Collector 1.16

Find and view the latest images in popular web services, organize them into different categories, …

Oct 10th 2020, 16:38 GMT

Windows Vista / Windows Vista 64 bit / Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64 bit

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Images Downloader 1.1

Automatically download images from internet using this approachable piece of software that helps y…

Jan 10th 2017, 09:41 GMT

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SavePictureAs 11.0

This application allows you to capture screenshots of your desktop or download images from website…

Nov 2nd 2017, 20:22 GMT

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows Vista 64 bit / Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64 bit

Downloading multiple files

You can do it simply by using .

var list = [

List<File> files = [];

for (var url in list) {
  try {
    var imageId = await ImageDownloader.downloadImage(url);
    var path = await ImageDownloader.findPath(imageId);
  } catch (error) {
setState(() {

Additional modules and Ecosystem

In order to keep SDWebImage focused and limited to the core features, but also allow extensibility and custom behaviors, during the 5.0 refactoring we focused on modularizing the library.
As such, we have moved/built new modules to SDWebImage org.


We support SwiftUI by building a brand new framework called SDWebImageSwiftUI, which is built on top of SDWebImage core functions (caching, loading and animation).

The new framework introduce two View structs and for SwiftUI world, modifier for any View, observable object for data source. Supports iOS 13+/macOS 10.15+/tvOS 13+/watchOS 6+ and Swift 5.1. Have a nice try and provide feedback!

Coders for additional image formats

  • SDWebImageHEIFCoder — coder for HEIF format, iOS 8+/macOS 10.10+ support. Based on libheif
  • SDWebImageBPGCoder — coder for BPG format. Based on libbpg
  • SDWebImageFLIFCoder — coder for FLIF format. Based on libflif
  • SDWebImageAVIFCoder — coder for AVIF (AV1-based) format. Based on libavif
  • SDWebImagePDFCoder — coder for PDF vector format. Using built-in frameworks
  • SDWebImageSVGCoder — coder for SVG vector format. Using built-in frameworks
  • SDWebImageLottieCoder — coder for Lottie animation format. Based on rlottie
  • and more from community!

Custom Caches

  • SDWebImageYYPlugin — plugin to support caching images with YYCache
  • SDWebImagePINPlugin — plugin to support caching images with PINCache

Custom Loaders

  • SDWebImagePhotosPlugin — plugin to support loading images from Photos (using )
  • SDWebImageLinkPlugin — plugin to support loading images from rich link url, as well as (using )

Integration with 3rd party libraries

  • SDWebImageLottiePlugin — plugin to support Lottie-iOS, vector animation rending with remote JSON files
  • SDWebImageSVGKitPlugin — plugin to support SVGKit, SVG rendering using Core Animation, iOS 8+/macOS 10.10+ support
  • SDWebImageFLPlugin — plugin to support FLAnimatedImage as the engine for animated GIFs
  • SDWebImageYYPlugin — plugin to integrate YYImage & YYCache for image rendering & caching

Community driven popular libraries

  • FirebaseUI — Firebase Storage binding for query images, based on SDWebImage loader system
  • react-native-fast-image — React Native fast image component, based on SDWebImage Animated Image solution
  • flutter_image_compress — Flutter compresses image plugin, based on SDWebImage WebP coder plugin

Make our lives easier

  • libheif-Xcode — A wrapper for libheif + an Xcode project.
  • libavif-Xcode — A wrapper for libavif + an Xcode project.
  • and more third-party C/C++ image codec libraries with CocoaPods/Carthage/SwiftPM support.

You can use those directly, or create similar components of your own, by using the customizable architecture of SDWebImage.


To use gallery-dl simply call it with the URLs you wish to download images

$ gallery-dl ... URL...

See also .


Download images; in this case from danbooru via tag search for ‘bonocho’:

$ gallery-dl "https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts?tags=bonocho"

Get the direct URL of an image from a site that requires authentication:

$ gallery-dl -g -u "<username>" -p "<password>" "https://seiga.nicovideo.jp/seiga/im3211703"

Filter manga chapters by language and chapter number:

$ gallery-dl --chapter-filter "lang == 'fr' and 10 <= chapter < 20" "https://mangadex.org/title/2354/"

Search a remote resource for URLs and download images from them:
(URLs for which no extractor can be found will be silently ignored)

$ gallery-dl "r:https://pastebin.com/raw/FLwrCYsT"

If a site’s address is nonstandard for its extractor, you can prefix the URL with the
extractor’s name to force the use of a specific extractor:

$ gallery-dl "tumblr:https://sometumblrblog.example"



try {
  // Saved with this method.
  var imageId = await ImageDownloader.downloadImage("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiki/ko2ic/image_downloader/images/flutter.png");
  if (imageId == null) {

  // Below is a method of obtaining saved image information.
  var fileName = await ImageDownloader.findName(imageId);
  var path = await ImageDownloader.findPath(imageId);
  var size = await ImageDownloader.findByteSize(imageId);
  var mimeType = await ImageDownloader.findMimeType(imageId);
} on PlatformException catch (error) {

The return value is as follows.

  • imageId of the saved image if saving succeeded.
  • null if not been granted permission.
  • Otherwise it is a PlatformException.


You can specify the storage location.
(Currently, external storage is only supported on Android.)

Three directories by default are provided.

  • AndroidDestinationType.directoryDownloads -> Environment.DIRECTORY_DOWNLOADS on Android
  • AndroidDestinationType.directoryPictures -> Environment.DIRECTORY_PICTURES on Android
  • AndroidDestinationType.directoryDCIM -> Environment.DIRECTORY_DCIM on Android
  • AndroidDestinationType.directoryMovies -> Environment.DIRECTORY_MOVIES on Android

In addition, there is also custom.

For example, the following sources is stored in .
(Depends on the device.)

await ImageDownloader.downloadImage(url,
                                    destination AndroidDestinationType.custom('sample')                                  

For example, the following sources is stored in by calling .
(Depends on the device.)

 await ImageDownloader.downloadImage(url,
                                     destination AndroidDestinationType.custom('sample')

Note: will not require permission, but downloaded images will also be deleted when uninstalling.

Error Handling


You can determine the type of error with .

In the case of HTTP status error, the code is stored.
In the case of the file format is not supported, is stored.
There is an important point in the case of .Even unsupported files are stored in a temporary directory.
It can be retrieved with .
Note: it will be deleted when you exit the app.

ImageDownloader.downloadImage(url).catchError((error) {
  if (error is PlatformException) {
    var path = "";
    if (error.code == "404") {
      print("Not Found Error.");
    } else if (error.code == "unsupported_file") {
      print("UnSupported FIle Error.");
      path = error.details;


If the file can not be previewed, the is stored in the code.

  await ImageDownloader.open(_path).catchError((error) {
    if (error is PlatformException) {
      if (error.code == "preview_error") {

И все же автоматика лучше!

Если ручной метод — не для вас, и хочется более легкий путь, существует множество специализированного ПО, которое сделает всю работу за вас. Я рекомендую воспользоваться UnHackMe от Greatis Software, выполнив все по пошаговой инструкции.

UnHackMe выполнит все указанные шаги, проверяя по своей базе, всего за одну минуту.

При этом UnHackMe скорее всего найдет и другие вредоносные программы, а не только редиректор на IMAGE DOWNLOADER.

При ручном удалении могут возникнуть проблемы с удалением открытых файлов. Закрываемые процессы могут немедленно запускаться вновь, либо могут сделать это после перезагрузки. Часто возникают ситуации, когда недостаточно прав для удалении ключа реестра или файла.

UnHackMe легко со всем справится и выполнит всю трудную работу во время перезагрузки.

И это еще не все. Если после удаления редиректа на IMAGE DOWNLOADER какие то проблемы остались, то в UnHackMe есть ручной режим, в котором можно самостоятельно определять вредоносные программы в списке всех программ.

Instagram Video to MP3 Converter

Although it’s quite difficult to convert any Instagram video into an mp3 format with a traditional way that requires you to download the video first in your system and then re-upload it to any video converting platform or even any software to change its format. However; with our Instagram to mp3 converter you can easily download any Instagram video in mp3 format by just entering its complete URL in the bar above. Once you have clicked the download button then the rest of the job will be handled by our high-speed servers. Within a few seconds, an automatic download process will be started in your browser. Remember, the downloading or converting speed depends upon the size of the video that you are willing to download with our Instagram mp3 converter.

Bulk Image Downloader

Bulk Image Downloader is a software which is used to download multiple images from the website. Here you have to enter the URL of the website, after which the thumbnails of the images are displayed. Then you can select the appropriate images and add them to the download lists. In the free version there is a limitation of downloading 100 images.

  • Option to save batch, export the gallery, and add to the queue.
  • Configuration can be changed to personalize the search options, and options to retry download, and resume download.
  • Integration with Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome to add a context menu.
  • Supports a number of image and video hosts like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Google Video, Daily Motion, and many more.

Animated Images (GIF) support

In 5.0, we introduced a brand new mechanism for supporting animated images. This includes animated image loading, rendering, decoding, and also supports customizations (for advanced users).

This animated image solution is available for //. The is subclass of , and is subclass of , to make them compatible with the common frameworks APIs.

The supports the familiar image loading category methods, works like drop-in replacement for .

Don’t have UIView (like WatchKit or CALayer)? you can still use the player engine for advanced playback and rendering.

See for more detailed information.


SDAnimatedImageView *imageView = ;
SDAnimatedImage *animatedImage = ;
imageView.image = animatedImage;


let imageView = SDAnimatedImageView()
let animatedImage = SDAnimatedImage(named: "image.gif")
imageView.image = animatedImage

FLAnimatedImage integration has its own dedicated repo

In order to clean up things and make our core project do less things, we decided that the integration does not belong here. From 5.0, this will still be available, but under a dedicated repo SDWebImageFLPlugin.

Инструкция по ручному удалению рекламного вируса IMAGE DOWNLOADER

Для того, чтобы самостоятельно избавиться от рекламы IMAGE DOWNLOADER, вам необходимо последовательно выполнить все шаги, которые я привожу ниже:

  1. Поискать «IMAGE DOWNLOADER» в списке установленных программ и удалить ее.

Открыть Диспетчер задач и закрыть программы, у которых в описании или имени есть слова «IMAGE DOWNLOADER». Заметьте, из какой папки происходит запуск этой программы. Удалите эти папки.

Запретить вредные службы с помощью консоли services.msc.

Удалить “Назначенные задания”, относящиеся к IMAGE DOWNLOADER, с помощью консоли taskschd.msc.

С помощью редактора реестра regedit.exe поискать ключи с названием или содержащим «IMAGE DOWNLOADER» в реестре.

Проверить ярлыки для запуска браузеров на предмет наличия в конце командной строки дополнительных адресов Web сайтов и убедиться, что они указывают на подлинный браузер.

Проверить плагины всех установленных браузеров Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox и т.д.

Проверить настройки поиска, домашней страницы. При необходимости сбросить настройки в начальное положение.

Проверить настройки DNS вашей сети. Рекомендую обратиться к документации, предоставленной вашим провайдером.
Очистить корзину, временные файлы, кэш браузеров.

Example usage¶ ↑

After installation, you can use the following code as an example:

require 'rubygems'
require 'image_downloader'

page_url = 'www.test.com'
target_path = 'img_dir/'
downloader = ImageDownloader::Process.new(page_url,target_path)

# download all images on page in any place (by regexp, all that look like url with image)
downloader.parse(:any_looks_like_image => true)

##### or
# download images from all elements where usually images placed (<img...>, <a...>, ...)

##### or
# download image from exect places in page
downloader.parse(:collect => {:link_icon => true})

##### or
# download images by regexp
downloader.parse(:regexp => /+\.jpg/i)


For “parse” method available following options

# find all url which contain image extansion
:any_looks_like_image => true

# find images in specified location
:collect => {
  :all => true, # all image places
  :(img_src|a_href|style_url|link_icon) => true # specified location

# find by regexp
:regexp => /(+\.jpg)*/i) # for ruby 1.8 (in 1.9 not allowed () for scan method)
:regexp => /+\.jpg/i # the same, but shorter
:regexp => /+\.css/  # other files can also be downloaded

# ignore URLs with images according to given parameters
:ignore_without => {:(extension|image_extension) => true}

# setting the favorite User-Agent (vary important for exclude 403, 404... responses from server)
:user_agent => "ruby" # Mozilla/5.0 by default

Detailed location description

  • img_src — tag: img, attribute: src=“url”

  • a_href — tag: a, attribute: href=“url”

  • style_url — tag: any, attribute: style=“(background|background-image): url(‘url’)”

  • link_icon — tag: link, attribute: rel=“shortcut icon” href=“url”

For “download” method you can use following directives

:parallel => true # for multi thread downloading (this is default if no options)
:consequentially => true, # for sequential downloading into a single stream
:user_agent => "ruby" # Mozilla/5.0 by default

Обзор фотографий

Это базовая функция, которой не хватает во многих бесплатных просмотрщиках фото.

Обзор папки с фотографиями

В других бесплатных аналогах типа FreeVimager, FuturixImager, JPEGView фотографии открывать можно, но переходить в режим просмотра каталога двойным щелчком мыши — нет. Извольте переключаться между файлами или закрывать, открывать в системном Проводнике папку и смотреть, какие ещё фото есть. Режим обзора есть разве что в FocusOn Image Viewer (тоже абсолютно бесплатная софтина и тоже корейская), но она не так удобна в обращении.

Автор дал возможность гибко настроить интерфейс. При желании можно выключить ненужные элементы и оставить, например, только просмотр файлов таблицей.

То же окно обзора, только таблицей

Instagram Captions Downloader

If you are a regular user of Instagram then you must have come across Instagram comments and captions but unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let you copy them due to undisclosed reasons. Our expert developers at gramsave have made an outstanding facility that enables users to download their favorite instagram captions for free. moreover, you will also find the best instagram captions and bios at gramsave as we have a collection of more than 2000+ captions from various resources so that you can choose the one you like out of so many choices. an instagram image is incomplete without a beautiful caption because according to a recent survey it was revealed that instagram pictures with captions are more likely to attract user engagements than those with no captions.

Convert from image

Convert image to image

This image converter allows you to convert your pictures into other image formats. Convert JPG to PNG or GIF, create vector images like SVG from your PNG images.

Convert image to document

Turn your images into documents with this online image converter. JPG to PDF, PNG to DOC, JPEG to TXT – it’s all possible. Extract text from images online.

Convert image to PDF

This online PDF converter allows you to convert all kinds of images to PDF. JPG to PDF is just as possible as saving PNG or SVG images as PDF.

Convert HEIC to JPG

This online image converter allows you to convert photos from Apple image format HEIC to JPG. Powerful JPG converter for less supported HEIC image files.

Prepare an image

Supported image formats: Qcow2, VMDK, and VHD.

Boot disk images must meet the following requirements:

  • The OS is Linux-based.
  • The latest OS updates are installed.
  • The disk is mounted by its UUID rather than by name.
  • The Linux kernel is running with the parameter.
  • The SSH server starts automatically at VM startup.
  • The network interface obtains the IP address via DHCP.
  • The package and and drivers are installed.


  • Optimize images before uploading them by using the utility to import faster:

  • For the image to be compatible with GPU, install NVIDIA drivers while preparing the file.


Don’t use file compression or archiving software when preparing the image file.


There are four ways to use SDWebImage in your project:

  • using CocoaPods
  • using Carthage
  • using Swift Package Manager
  • manual install (build frameworks or embed Xcode Project)

Installation with CocoaPods


Swift and static framework

Swift project previously have to use to make all Pods into dynamic framework to let CocoaPods works.

However, start with (with ), which supports to build both Objective-C && Swift code into static framework. You can use modular headers to use SDWebImage as static framework, without the need of :

If not, you still need to add to use SDWebImage as dynamic framework:


There are 2 subspecs available now: and (this means you can install only some of the SDWebImage modules. By default, you get just , so if you need , you need to specify it).

Podfile example:

Installation with Carthage (iOS 8+)

Carthage is a lightweight dependency manager for Swift and Objective-C. It leverages CocoaTouch modules and is less invasive than CocoaPods.

To install with carthage, follow the instruction on Carthage

Carthage users can point to this repository and use whichever generated framework they’d like: SDWebImage, SDWebImageMapKit or both.

Make the following entry in your Cartfile:
Then run
If this is your first time using Carthage in the project, you’ll need to go through some additional steps as explained .

Installation with Swift Package Manager (Xcode 11+)

SDWebImage support SwiftPM from version 5.1.0. To use SwiftPM, you should use Xcode 11 to open your project. Click -> -> , enter SDWebImage repo’s URL. Or you can login Xcode with your GitHub account and just type to search.

After select the package, you can choose the dependency type (tagged version, branch or commit). Then Xcode will setup all the stuff for you.

If you’re a framework author and use SDWebImage as a dependency, update your file:

let package = Package(
    // 5.1.0 ..< 6.0.0
    dependencies: [
        .package(url: "https://github.com/SDWebImage/SDWebImage.git", from: "5.1.0")
    // ...

Import headers in your source files

In the source files where you need to use the library, import the umbrella header file:

#import <SDWebImage/SDWebImage.h>

It’s also recommend to use the module import syntax, available for CocoaPods(enable )/Carthage/SwiftPM.

At this point your workspace should build without error. If you are having problem, post to the Issue and the
community can help you solve it.

Wrap Up:

We hope this introduction about gramsave.com was enough to keep you aware of its features and policies. As we all know the audience on Instagram is rapidly increasing day by day due to its increasing popularity among young people that’s why the policies of Instagram have also been revised which makes it almost impossible for anyone to download anything from Instagram. However; our expert developers at gramsave.com have created this platform with their decades of experience to facilitate you so that you can avoid using any untrusted platforms that are often more likely to be a risk for your privacy and security due to malicious advertisements. You need to understand that gramsave is not affiliated with Instagram officially as it’s a 3rd party platform that operates on its policies and terms. That’s why it’s your utmost responsibility to read the terms and conditions of Instagram while using gramsave so that you can avoid any inconveniences later.

Instagram Private Downloader

Have you ever heard of downloading content from a private Instagram profile? Well, you might be wrong with your approach because now you can easily download any of your favorite Instagram images, videos and stories from a private Instagram profile. Thanks to gramsave.com for making it possible because it’s hard to sneak into someone’s privacy especially on a well-known social media platform like Instagram. However, until you are not doing anything wrong so it’s permitted to download anything from an Instagram private profile that will be used for any better approach such as for educational presentation. It was not easy to create this technical tool online with limited resources but when there is a commitment then hurdles simply don’t matter. However; you have to be a little bit technical here because download an image or video from the Instagram profile requires its source code that we can be copied after clicking the CTRL+U button on that particular image or video page then long source code will be displayed in front of you. If you are still unable to understand then don’t worry because we have explained the complete process of downloading private content in the description of our instagram private downloader. if you are landed on our homepage then simply click the private downloader from the above navigation bar and read all the instructions carefully.

Mihov Picture Downloader

Mihov Picture Downloader is a simple tool to download images from different websites. Simply enter the website address, choose the image formats to be downloaded, and click on the load page button. The matched extension files are downloaded, and can be saved, and viewed with a single click, based on your selections.

  • Website’s list can be easily generated, loaded from a file, and saved to a file.
  • Settings can be changed to manage a file where you can set the proxy details, timeout, set start delay, delete smaller files, set username and password, use referrer, and set download locations.
  • Various other types of files other than the image files can also be downloaded.

Как происходит заражение рекламным вирусом IMAGE DOWNLOADER?

Мой братишка — заядлый геймер. Что ни зайду в гости — он постоянно во что-то рубится. Иногда я думаю, что ест, спит и справляет нужду — тоже возле компьютера. Играет просто во все, что движется. Онлайн, оффлайн…

В общем, скачивает он порядочное количество всякого интернет мусора, не обращая внимание на содержимое и безопасность установочного процесса. Все, что он инсталлирует — он инсталлирует по-умолчанию

Так же быстрее! Короче, я не был удивлен, когда вчера он пожаловался мне, что подцепил очередной рекламный вирус — IMAGE DOWNLOADER.

Сейчас очень популярно стало дополнять инсталяционные пакеты всяческим мусорным софтом, которое, вообще говоря, вам вовсе и не нужно. Более того, иногда оно даже потенциально опасно. Одним из примеров такого нежелательного программного обеспечения и служит рекламный вирус IMAGE DOWNLOADER. Звучит просто как имя сайта. Но на самом деле данный зловред начинает заваливать вас назойливой рекламой с момента заражения вашего компьютера.

Instagram Photos/Images Downloader

It wasn’t easy for us in the beginning while making this excellent tool for our users as there were a lot of restrictions from Instagram. However, after long combine efforts by our expert developers, we have finally been able to create an instagram photo downloader that works super-fast. users have to simply copy the complete link of any particular instagram image that they want to download with gramsave, and then paste its complete link in the search bar above. after clicking the download button the following image will be automatically downloaded in your browser within a few seconds. that’s how simple it is to download an image from instagram with gramsave. you might get an error while downloading any image if it’s from a private instagram profile, so for that, you need to try our instagram private image downloader that will help you to download any Instagram image uploaded on a private profile. While downloading any Instagram image with gramsave, you don’t need to become conscious about its quality because you will get the highest possible image quality after downloading from gramsave automatically so there is no need to worry about it. Fortunately, it’s an only platform on the entire internet on which you won’t be facing any irritating advertisements in the form of popups that can redirect you to unsafe third-party websites having a potential risk of virus.

BioniX Wallpaper Changer

BioniX Wallpaper Changer is a simple and feature rich wallpaper changer freeware which can also be used to download bulk images from the internet. You can download images from Flickr using Flickr Mass Downloader, or download images from the website provided by you in the get wallpapers tab. In the Flickr Mass Downloader, just enter your search term, personalize your search options, set resolution options, and finally download the images. In the Automatic Image Downloader just enter the link from which you want to download the images and then set the option of download folder, set counters, link settings, and filter settings. This freeware can also be used to personalize the wallpaper, and change its settings.



$ python3 -m pip install --upgrade gallery-dl
$ python3 -m pip install --upgrade https://github.com/mikf/gallery-dl/archive/master.tar.gz

Note: Windows users should use instead of .

To ensure that these packages are up-to-date, run

$ python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip setuptools wheel

From Source

Get the code by either

  • Downloading a stable or dev archive and unpacking it
  • Or via

Navigate into the respective directory and run the file.

$ wget https://github.com/mikf/gallery-dl/archive/master.tar.gz
$ tar -xf master.tar.gz
# or
$ git clone https://github.com/mikf/gallery-dl.git

$ cd gallery-dl*
$ python3 setup.py install
  • Windows
  • Linux

These executables include a Python 3.8 interpreter
and all required Python packages.


  • Categories for , , adding web image and cache management
  • An asynchronous image downloader
  • An asynchronous memory + disk image caching with automatic cache expiration handling
  • A background image decompression to avoid frame rate drop
  • (including animated image, like GIF showing in Web browser)
  • to save CPU && Memory for large images
  • to support massive image format, like WebP
  • which keep a balance between CPU && Memory
  • can be applied to the images right after download
  • to expand the capabilities, like Photos Library
  • A guarantee that the same URL won’t be downloaded several times
  • A guarantee that bogus URLs won’t be retried again and again
  • A guarantee that main thread will never be blocked
  • Modern Objective-C and better Swift support
  • Performances!

Instagram HD Profile Picture Downloader

Downloading an Instagram profile picture seems to be tough at first while making this tool because everyone has their privacy. However; with our endless efforts, we have been finally able to achieve this goal in the form of an instagram hd profile picture downloader that allows users to download profile pictures of instagram profiles. usually, instagram profile pictures are quite smaller in size and there is no option to resize them. if you want to download someone’s instagram picture in high quality then you are at the right place now. gramsave is a mobile-friendly platform that works quite well in terms of providing high-quality pictures. it’s an entirely free feature that you can use without any limitation however; you need to make sure that you are not misusing this feature. you also need to make sure that you are not downloading any copyrighted content because according to the terms and conditions of gramsave, it’s strictly prohibited to download any copyrighted content that can result in a permanent ban from using this free platform. you can also search manually by typing the instagram account name if you don’t want to switch tabs to copy the urls of instagram profiles.


Ставится программа элементарно — скачали, запустили, клацнули несколько раз «Next», выбрали язык (есть русский!), указали, какие типы файлов открывать и готово.

Выбор ассоциаций файлов для открытия в Imagine. Работает только в Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/7

Есть только нюанс, не зависящий от разработчика — в Windows 10 окно выбора ассоциаций с форматами файлов не работает. Это ограничение безопасности «десятки». Можно зайти в Параметры — Приложения — Приложения по умолчанию — Просмотр фотографий — выбрать из списка Imagine.

Настройка Windows 10, чтобы все фото открывались в Imagine

Тогда все фото будут открываться в Imagine Image Viewer.

Instagram Videos Cutter

You must be amazed to know that you have finally landed on a platform that offers such a unique service that hasn’t been introduced anywhere else. At gramsave.com, you can now cut or trim any Instagram video that can be later used for your projects for free. With our Instagram videos cutter online you can cut a particular portion from any Instagram video online without downloading any heavy video editing tools in your system that requires a lot of CPU resources and software costs. It’s an entirely online feature because all the work will be done by our high-speed servers at the backend, you just have to paste the Instagram video link and give your input about the particular duration including opening and closing time.

Why You Should Bookmark Gramsave.com?

Well, there are plenty of good reasons to keep this platform in the bookmark section of your browser. We have created a quick list of all those features that are not available anywhere else so that you can get a reason to bookmark this page for the future too.

  • Gramsave.com offers high-speed downloads as compared to its competitors.
  • There are no annoying advertisements such as popups and hidden ads that redirect users to 3rd party websites that can infect your PC or mobile with a virus or malware.
  • Almost 50% of the features at gramsave are unique that means that there is not a single competitor on the internet offering similar services like ours.
  • Unlimited Downloads without any risk of getting blocked by our security systems.
  • Regular updates to keep gramsave user-friendly.
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