Flippingbook converts pdfs into digital flipbooks you can share and track


1stFlip is a PDF to flipbook converter that turns static PDF pages or images into interactive, page-flipping books on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Check out the demos →


  • pages in demos are quick to flip and load
  • books can be converted to EXE, ZIP, and HTML files for offline viewing
  • one-click to share flip magazines to social networks or embed to website, blog
  • fully customizable templates available
  • Book Management allows you to edit flipbooks, such as private settings, tags, etc.

Here’s what you get with the paid version

1stFlip is $99.00 USD for the flipbook creator and $299.00 for the pro plan. The cost is the same whether for Mac or Windows operating systems. The differences between the regular and pro options include the ability to:

  • insert new pages into existing flipbooks
  • add trigger actions, converting callouts, shapes, and text into hotspot links
  • embed a number of features including YouTube video and audio
  • delete unwanted pages or readjust page order

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Last but not least, I’d be happy to learn your thoughts and suggestions. Are you closely familiar with any of the solutions on my Top 10 list? Have they worked out well for you? Feel free to share your feedback.

What Features can I add to my Publications with the Online Flipbook Maker?

With Paperturn software, the options are endless! We have a ton of features that will supercharge your flipbook — taking it to the next level. This is the beauty of having your publication online; you can add a whole host of interactive digital features. You can communicate your information in a much more engaging way, than what a standard printed or PDF document can. Incorporate links, images, GIFs, videos and so much more to make each page of your publication a worthwhile view for your audience. 

We have made the following features available for our customers to use with ease:

  • Design your publication

  • Add interactive elements (links, videos, GIFs etc.)

  • Gain valuable statistics 

  • Make your publication private

  • Overwrite your flipbook 

  • SEO feature to get your flipbook noticed by search engines

  • The ability to customise your own domain name

  • Save flipbook as a favicon

  • Include a lead capture form into your flipbook

  • Add advertising banners and newsflash icons

  • Add a shopping cart to your publication (so shoppers can shop directly through your flipbook)

KVISoft FlipBook Maker

For a flipbook maker that’s not web-based, KVISoft FlipBook Maker is a good choice.

Check out the demos →


  • converts existing Word, Excel, PPT and PDF files to Flash or HTML5 flipbooks
  • creates both left-to-right and right-to-left flipping books
  • toolbars and templates are customizable
  • can publish flipbooks in a number of formats including Flash, HTML5 and video
  • works with Mac and Windows platforms


  • pages on demos are really slow to flip and load
  • no cloud storage provided; user must embed into his/her website or upload to DropBox (or similar cloud storage) for sharing
  • free version is only a 30-day demo and paid version is pricy

Here’s what you get with the paid version

KVISoft FlipBook Maker has a one-time purchase price of $97.00 USD for the FlipBook Maker and $297.00 for the FlipBook Maker Pro edition. With the paid versions, you get:

  • technical service and support
  • full use of software beyond 30-day trial period
  • discounts on future purchases with company

Flip Builder

Flip Builder turns PDF files into impressive online books with a single click.

Other demos →


    • allows you to add YouTube videos, hyperlinks, audio and Flash
    • touch support for mobile devices
    • hundreds of online templates available for online book creation
  • Google Analytics and social media integration
  • Flip Builder shopping cart means you can sell PDF e-books on a variety of platforms

Here’s what you get with the paid version

Prices range from $79.00 USD for the Mac and iPad PDF to ebook converter, up to $999.00 for the corporate plan. Purchasing the program allows you to:

  • publish an unlimited amount of ebooks
  • upgrade free for life
  • eliminate the watermark on published ebooks

Flip HTML5

Similar to PUBHTML5, Flip HTML5 has the ability to create beautiful, full-featured flipbooks.

Other demos →


  • compiles all of your publications and displays them in a bookcase which you can embed on your webpage
  • subscription feature allows your readers to automatically receive new editions as published
  • collects statistics on your viewers so you can learn more about your target audience


  • cannot embed your ebook in your personal webpage with the trial version
  • must purchase higher-tier premium accounts to use many interactive functions

Here’s what you get with the paid version

Premium accounts are available beginning at $15.00 USD per month for the Pro plan and go up to a one-time charge of $999.00 for the Enterprise plan. With the paid version, you get:

  • increased storage and unlimited flipbook uploads
  • the ability to publish larger documents
  • long-term access statistics
  • conversion to other formats including DOCX, PPTX, and XLSX


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Works very well. Professional looking. Easy to use.

Very nice plugin help me a lot I use it here for equipment for meat shop and butcher shop on 2 places on the website.

And I love the sound effects!

This is one of the best plugins I’ve seen, and I’ve worked with WordPress for 9 years. The lite version is useful enough for everyday use, but it’s so good we’re buying the pro version.

Excellent tool, easy to use, quick, stable.

Does simply and effortlessly just what you expect it to do, and for free! If you want more templates and options then the pro version has more for you.


Website: http://1stflip.com/

Type: desktop (Windows, Mac) / web-based

This flipbook app turns PDF files into interactive e-books and enriches them with images, videos, background music, and buttons. Published e-books can be created in both HTML5 and Flash. 1st Flip also has a 30-day trial version that lets you try almost all of its features for free.


  • Multimedia links and trigger actions;
  • Supports YouTube/Vimeo video links;
  • Flipbooks can be exported as .exe, .zip and HTML files for offline viewing;
  • Flipbooks can be published to WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Here’s what you get with the paid services

There are one-time purchase plans available at $99/$299 for the Basic and Pro versions, respectively. Both plans support SEO and Google Analytics, come with pre-designed templates, and allow you to publish as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal plugins. The Pro version allows you to embed various shapes, buttons, images, videos, and audio to pages.

Flip HTML5

Website: http://fliphtml5.com/

Type: desktop

Flip HTML5 is an app capable of creating rich, real-looking magazines. All the publications are stored on their servers and sit on a neat bookshelf. In terms of features, what makes this flipbook maker stand out is that it works with Microsoft Office files in addition to PDF.


  • Printing feature;
  • Extract text from .pdf, .docx, .txt files, and even images;
  • Ability to merge multiple PDFs into one flipbook.


  • The free plan puts a watermark on pages;
  • The free plan has ads;
  • Lots of features, such as the online editor and batch convert, are only available in the high-end expensive plans.

Here’s what you get with the paid services

There are 4 paid plans at $15/month, $29/month, $299/year and $999 one-time. Each consecutive plan raises the storage capacity and unlocks more features, like statistics, branding, SEO, batch conversion, and more.

Журнал изменений

Auto launch lightbox using a CSS class or the book name as URL hash: http://example.com/page-with-book/#book1/5, where book1 is CSS class or the book name, 5 — page number

  • Google Analytics
  • CSS class fb3d-auto-launch to auto launch lightbox after page loading
  • CSS class fb3d-activate-fullscreen to launch fullscreen instead of lightbox
  • Saving auto generated thumbnails on the disk for for fast loading on the client side
  • Default lightbox that you can choose in the plugin settings
  • User friendly pages rendering queue
  • Added error messages for flipbook editor
  • Fixed zoom gesture for touchscreen devices
  • Detecting mobile mode by screen diagonal
  • Performance improvement — much faster initial loading
  • Helpful links
  • Limited height for automated widget size computation: height = min(90vh, 0.75*width)
  • Added CSS class ‘fb3d-default-page’ for customization plugin default page


Website: https://issuu.com/

Type: web-based

Issuu is a flipbook maker specifically designed to create e-magazines. You can sign up for a free plan and get what is basically a PDF converter. If you like it, you can subscribe to a paid plan, and gain access to features necessary for promotion and monetization.


  • There’s a free plan. You can also test each paid plan for 14 days;
  • No delay in page turning on demos;
  • Create as many magazines as you want;
  • Neat social sharing features.


  • The free plan shows ads;
  • Many business features are available for high-end plans only, like selling issues and subscriptions, and ad-free banners;
  • There’s an extra fee for certain features, like unlisted publications and print-on-demand.

Here’s what you get with the paid services

There are three monthly paid plans at $22, $39, and $299. With each plan, you get more publications and various features, like SEO, statistics, and tools to sell your mags and subscriptions.

Have some other flipbook tools in mind? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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Website: http://www.flipcreator.net/

Type: desktop (Windows/Mac)

Flipcreator allows you to create flipbook mobile apps. You don’t need to learn how to code; the app does everything for you. The trial version of Flipcreator includes everything the other plans have to offer, except multimedia and links. But you will still need to purchase a license, as flipbooks made in the trial mode have a watermark.


  • The trial version has many features of the paid plans for you to explore;
  • Smooth and realistic page turning;
  • Unlimited pages per magazine;
  • Ability to print flipbooks;
  • Create publications as iOS and Android apps without coding.


  • The trial version is intended for evaluation only. It puts a huge watermark across every page;
  • The trial version doesn’t support multimedia or links;
  • The standard plan is pretty limited in features. For example, you can’t embed links or pictures, use analytics or SEO, or add ad banners.

Here’s what you get with the paid services

There are three monthly paid plans at $10, $35 and $99 per month. With each plan, you get more features, like branding, SEO, and adding ad banners and multimedia links.


Website: http://www.yumpu.com/en

Type: web-based

Yumpu is a simple web-based tool that allows you to create flipbooks in Flash or HTML5. It’s easy to share magazines on social media or websites with the social sharing option. The free plan is somewhat limited: you can only make 3 documents, and there’s no SEO or analytics. These become available when you select a subscription plan.


  • Unlimited pages per magazine;
  • Use the WordPress plugin to convert any PDF to an online flipbook;
  • Add audio, video, and links to pages;
  • WebKiosk is your personal domain to host magazines.

Here’s what you get with the paid services

Price plans range from $20 to $339 per month. The service enables you to create a WebKiosk — your own domain — to publish your magazines and gather data with Google Analytics. However, WebKiosk becomes available only at $95/month.


LucidPress has options to create both print and digital magazines and flyers.


  • web-based, drag-and-drop interface
  • extensive, dedicated support via forums, tutorials, and email
  • templates for a variety of publications
  • no credit card is needed for free version


  • free app is very limited, allowing no more than 3 pages per document and you cannot print to PDF
  • you lose the ability to edit existing documents once you exceed the 25 MB of storage space you are given with the trial account
  • if you’re collaborating with someone with a paid account, you will not be able to edit documents containing more than 3 pages if you have a trial account
  • plans cost $2.00 to $4.00 more if you choose to pay monthly, rather than annually

Here’s what you get with the paid version

Paid plans range from $7.95 USD to $40.00 per month, paid annually. The advantages to paying for a plan are:

  • access to LucidPress’s premium template library and custom fonts
  • document analytics
  • apps for team management and simpler and easier sharing of documents

What Makes us a Great Online Flipbook Solution?

If you want to make a flipbook online, but are struggling to choose the right flipbook creating platform, here are some reasons why Paperturn is the answer for you:

  • We ensure that our platform produces flipbooks that have the highest quality and fastest loading times on all devices. 
  • Our online flipbook maker has lots of fabulous features that will WOW your clientele. You can use ALL of them when subscribed to our PRO plan. However, if you don’t need all of the available features, you can also subscribe to our Basic subscription. We have a price plan for everyone. 
  • You can try our FREE 14 day trial before committing to us. You can use the trial to test our platform, play around with the features, and make sure that our service suits your needs. No credit card needed to sign-up! 
  • Our digital flipbook maker platform is COMPLETELY ad free. We know how annoying ads can be, so we have made it one of our priorities to ensure that no ads appear, as part of our viewer, so your audience is not distracted. Furthermore, you can remove all of Paperturn’s branding, and take all the well-deserved, full credit for your publication.
  • We’re always here to help. We know that tackling a new online platform can sometimes be tricky, but we’re here to assist you through it all. Any questions or concerns you have — they will be answered and resolved by our attentive customer support team! They are available via online chat, email, phone and video call. So, if you’re ever in doubt — just contact us.

Here are some of our loyal customers that who love our online flipbook maker software:

So, when you’re ready to take that step and create a digital flipbook, Paperturn is at your service!


Though Anyflip’s interface and packages are similar to FlipHTML5’s, Anyflip’s free solution seems to have more benefits than the others.

Other demos →


  • digital book may be viewed on a number of platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle
  • can convert PDF to digital book online or download Windows and Mac software for free
  • SEO optimization built-in so your digital book can be indexed by Google bots
  • free online digital book templates, themes, backgrounds and scenes, even with free version
  • Google Analytics, social media sharing, and subscription distribution are also available with the free version

Here’s what you get with the paid version

Subscriptions for paid features range in price from $15.00 USD per month for the Pro version, up to a one-time charge of $999.00 for the Enterprise version. Paid versions feature:

  • more uploads per month and greater cloud storage
  • the ability to publish to a local computer for offline viewing
  • the ability to add video, audio, and Flash to your flipbook with the higher-tiered packages
  • integrated bookshelf tool


Flipsnack produces attractive online books which you can post on their cloud service for free, or download with the paid accounts.

Other demos →


  • offers users a standalone reader with direct link
  • social network sharing integration
  • online book can be embedded on websites and blogs
  • has a separate version for use by educators and students


  • variable times for page loads means some are quick, while others make the reader wait
  • watermark embedded on online books created with the free version
  • free version has limited number of features available

Here’s what you get with the paid version

Regular users can purchase paid accounts ranging in price from $14.00 USD to $35.00 per month. With the paid version you have access to:

  • custom templates
  • reader interface is branded with your company’s  logo
  • the ability to create unlisted and password protected online books
  • the ability to download your online book for sharing and posting on your own website or social media


Flippingbook is a one-time download software and a web-based service that allows you to create and share attractive ebooks incorporating rich media for a number of promotional purposes.


  • ebook displays crystal-clear on all desktop and mobile devices
  • website embedding options and Google Analytics integration
  • quick page turns and uploads
  • advanced customization available, including viewing skins, backgrounds, and branding
  • ToC for easy navigation
  • add Post-it style notes that will be saved in the browser when they open it next time


  • there is a demo, but apparently no free version
  • software is expensive and lifetime purchase only; no options for monthly contracts

Here’s what you get with the paid version

Flippingbook’s prices range from $699 to $1,199.00 for the Business edition. With the license purchase, you get:

  • complete white-labeling (removing all FlippingBook mentions and replace with your own logo)
  • password-protection and re-embedding restrictions
  • offline publications
  • GIF embedding

The web-based service starts at $59/month.


PUBHTML5 allows users to create gorgeous, professional-looking online magazines. While the free version is enough to give you a taste (if you don’t mind the company watermark), there are a number of reasonably-priced paid options.

Other demos →


  • pre-designed templates are available, even in the free version
  • ebooks can be converted to PDF and/or ZIP files, uploaded via FTP or made into an EXE file for easy sharing
  • no additional apps are needed to view ebooks on handheld devices
  • PUBHTML5 uses password-protected, free cloud storage
  • can share private ebooks by granting permission to as many or as few people as you wish
  • integration with Google AdSense to help you monetize your publications
  • extensive online help and support pages


  • pages can be a little slow to turn
  • no options to zoom in on full screen view
  • flipbooks cannot be viewed offline with the trial version

Here’s what you get with the paid version

Paid accounts have a monthly fee of $15.00 USD for the Pro plan, $25.00 for the Platinum plan (billed annually), and $29.00 for the Gold plan. There is an option to purchase a lifetime Enterprise account for $999.00.

Paid services include

  • integration with Google AdSense to help you monetize your publications
  • elimination of PUBHTML5 watermark
  • unlimited storage, uploads and pages
  • fully customizable interface, templates and branding options

Flipping Book

Website: https://flippingbook.com

Type: desktop (Windows, Mac)

Type: web-based and desktop

With this flipbook software, you can create gorgeous looking catalogs, well-designed documents, and even photo albums. It’s easy, thanks to a collection of templates for each project type.


  • No ads;
  • Page turning is smooth and realistic;
  • 24 built-in templates;
  • Multimedia links;
  • Control content visibility by enabling or disabling SEO indexing.

Here’s what you get with the paid services

Price plans range from $59 to $239 a month with discounts if you choose yearly plan. Each consecutive plan raises the upload limit and enables additional features, such as advanced analytics, Google search optimization, and password protection for your content.

iSpring Flip


Website: www.ispringsolutions.com/flipbook-maker

Type: desktop (Windows)

With iSpring Flip, you can quickly turn any PDF, Word or PPT file into an HTML5 e-book, coursebook, or eLearning catalog. This tool is best used together with eLearning tools, as it can publish flipbooks as a SCORM package that can be tracked in your LMS. You can also choose to publish to iSpring Cloud service or your website. However, LMS is the best option, as it includes built-in analytics, so you can track each individual’s progress for your flipbooks.

If you don’t know where to start, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a digital flipbook with iSpring Flip.


  • Trial version that lets you test all the features for 14 days free of charge;
  • Supports the most popular formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .pptm, .ppts;
  • Flipbooks can be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices;
  • Unlimited pages per e-book;
  • Preserves the quality of the source file, keeping images and fonts clean and sharp;
  • eLearning mode: Flipbooks can be published to SCORM, AICC, cmi5, and xAPI;
  • eLearning mode: Detailed statistics when uploaded to LMS.

Here’s what you get with the paid services

iSpring Flip costs $227 per year. Buy it once a year and create as many flipbooks as you like. There are also discounts for non-profit use, academic institutions, or government organizations.


Auto launch lightbox using a CSS class or the book name as URL hash: http://example.com/page-with-book/#book1/5, where book1 is CSS class or the book name, 5 – page number

  • Google Analytics
  • CSS class fb3d-auto-launch to auto launch lightbox after page loading
  • CSS class fb3d-activate-fullscreen to launch fullscreen instead of lightbox
  • Saving auto generated thumbnails on the disk for for fast loading on the client side
  • Default lightbox that you can choose in the plugin settings
  • User friendly pages rendering queue
  • Added error messages for flipbook editor
  • Fixed zoom gesture for touchscreen devices
  • Detecting mobile mode by screen diagonal
  • Performance improvement – much faster initial loading
  • Helpful links
  • Limited height for automated widget size computation: height = min(90vh, 0.75*width)
  • Added CSS class ‘fb3d-default-page’ for customization plugin default page


Website: http://www.flipsnack.com/

Type: web-based

FlipSnack is a flipbook maker that is quick to start with. You can start creating in two easy steps: upload your PDF and customize it in the editor. It comes with an abundance of pre-built templates for different flipbook types, such as catalogs, magazines, portfolios, and more. What’s cool is that you get all this for free, however, you still need a subscription plan if you want to create protected content and generate private links for sharing it with specific people.


  • Free version that includes PDF converter and flipbook design studio;
  • The free version includes SEO;
  • No ads even in the free plan;
  • 1000+ design templates for magazines, brochures, catalogs, reports, portfolios, and other book types.

Here’s what you get with the paid services

Prices range from $32 to $99 a month with discounts if you choose a yearly plan. Most importantly, with one of the paid plans, you can generate links to share your content with specific users. Additionally, they let you customize your own logo, create unique templates, and add a Google Analytics ID for gathering statistics.

User friendly

3D FlipBook is designed to be maximum user friendly. It has familiar to user page flipping control.
Flexible corners help user to understand that he can turn the page by means drag and drop technology.
Physics engine computes page transforms in similar to real world way.
Modeling book is close to natural book — it has the same volume and shape.
It is possible to use hard flat covers to create hard bending and use flexible pages, make whole book flexible or flat.

3d FlipBook has smart algorithm Smart pan to show the book in maximum comfortable and appropriate for user way.
It automatically chooses book scale and alignment on the screen, disallows user to drag the book out of view port.
The pan makes only smooth moves that seems very friendly for user. All these abilities help the book to look richer.

The plugin is not just pretty but it is smart. It has user behaviour prediction system.
3D FlipBook tracks user actions and try to predict next necessary pages.
In the background it loads predicted pages and renders them. When the user go to next page it is ready to be shown.

3D FlipBook uses priorities for page loading. First of all it loads visible for user pages then predicted ones.
It is possible to customize amount of pages to predict and quantity of used by user pages for predicting his behaviour.

The plugin supports search in PDFs, fullscreen mode and brightening settings.
User can change brightening to do it appropriate for him. It is important options for reading long texts.

High performance

The plugin performance does not depend on number of pages because it does not manage single pages.
3D FlipBook works with blocks of pages, it allows to keep in memory just visible for user pages.
So if the book is closed then there are 2 or 3 blocks.
The first is left cover, the second is right cover and third is internal pages.
If the book is opened there can be two blocks for left and right internal pages.
There can be more blocks just when the flipping animation is performing.
The plugin has no problem with more than 50 simultaneously flipping blocks.
When the turn is finished the turned block merges with neighbour block.

For fast rendering 3D graphics 3D FlipBook uses WebGL. WebGL is a API for creating interactive 3D graphics without using plugins.

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