Internet download manager 6.37 build 10 pc

Version: 1.3.1 (02/01/2017)

  • updated Chrome extension
  • removed a significant delay of the «Add Video Downloading» dialog form after press button «Do»
  • fixed a bug of the algorithm of the video merger
  • fixed a bug of F4M protocol downloading
  • fixed & impruved M3U8 downloading of the fragment files
  • updated parse algorithm
  • added Dutch(Netherlands) language. Thanks to Ron Doomen for translation.
  • added Slovak language. Thanks to PEPEK, PESISOFT SK for translation.
  • Thanks to Richard Lane for proofreading the English translation.
  • added an option enable\disable icon animation to Config (For those who are annoying or unpleasant of an animation)
  • fixed the resize of main AntDM window when it overlaps a taskbar
  • refactoring and bug fix

Возможности Internet Download Manager

  • Запуски и остановка обработки очереди загрузок, поддерживает докачку файлов;
  • Динамическая сегментация частей файла, антивирусная проверка;
  • Отложенная загрузка через встроенный планировщик заданий;
  • Встроенный фтп-клиент для Internet Download Manager;
  • Работа через прокси-сервер, поиск зеркал (это увеличивает скорость закачки);
  • Одновременная загрузки файлов с нескольких серверов на максимальной скорости;
  • Интеграция Internet Download Manager 6.33 build 2 в панель загрузок для IE, FireFox и других обозревателей;
  • Расширение, которое автоматически перехватывает мультимедиа (музыка, фильмы) проигрываемые в браузере и позволяет ограничивать скорость загрузки для комфортного серфинга;
  • Существует Internet Download Manager Portable, специально для пользователей, которые не любят ничего устанавливать на ПК.


  • Легкость установки и внедрения idm — Internet Download Manager интегрируется в контекстное меню браузера;
  • Высокая скорость скачивания файлов из сети интернет и локальной сети;
  • Простой и удобный интуитивно понятный интерфейс и настройки Internet Download Manager, удобство системы управления в т.ч. при помощи командной строки;
  • Интеграция с популярными браузерами Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Avant Browser, а также устаревшими Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator и т.д.;
  • Периодическая синхронизация файлов и возможность создавать новые очереди загрузок или синхронизаций;
  • В программное обеспечение Internet Download Manager встроен удобный инструмент организации файлов;
  • Инновационные методы ускорения позволяют увеличить скорость скачивания в 5 раз по сравнению с конкурентами;
  • Поддержка фаерволлов, прокси, протоколов FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, редиректов, кукис, очередей закачки, директорий с авторизацией по логину/паролю и ряда разных серверных платформ, множество настроек Internet Download Manager;
  • Практически никогда не конфликтует с антивирусами.


Version: 1.11.2 (19.01.2019)

  • updated parser for new html5player
  • fixed and updated Chrome extension
  • fixed and updated Firefox extension
  • added new featuries to «Download All Links with AntDM» dialog
  • added ability to resize and save position of «Download All Links with AntDM» dialog
  • added the ability to exclude sites from audio\video capture. These exceptions are added to the exceptions list (Config\Video Capture).
  • added some new featuries to software settings (Config\Video Capture)
  • added ability to download a file using POST method to «Add New Download» dialog
  • fixed download of some file types without extensions
  • refactoring and bug fix

Easy-to-use download accelerator

Free Download Manager is an app that increases the speed of your downloads. It also allows you to place all your downloads from any of the browsers you use in the same place. Torrents can also be sent directly to the downloader as it facilitates the Bittorrent module. It is also open-sourced for any developers.

All-in-one downloader

When you are downloading a lot of things, it is nice to have them all in one place. Also, many browsers don’t have very speedy downloads while also any breakages in the internet destroy the whole process.

FDM attempts to solve all these problems by compiling various elements of downloads. It can be integrated with the most popular browsers, like Firefox and Chrome. Overall, its utility is quite varied.

How do you use Free Download Manager?

First off, when you download FDM, you must install it. It does not come with any add-ons, but it will open up the home website to give you options for things to download. Once you open the software, you will see a simple to use interface.

Here you can drag or drop the files, which will start instantly. If you click the plus button, it will give you the option of pasting the URL from which you want to source from for the download. It organizes all the ongoing processes.

If you wish to change some of the settings or link FDM to your browser, you just need to go to the tab on the top right of the screen and go to settings. Here you can find a variety of options including connecting to the various popular internet explorers.

What features are provided by Free Download Manager

One of the important things that make this accelerator different is that it allows people to use torrent on it. Within the program not only can you change the file format of audio and video files when they have finished, but preview them as well.

Of course, there is a significant boost in speed because the manager splits the files into little chunks. It allows you to resume broken downloads to keep you from losing the progress. These files can also be separated into basic folders automatically or by the user for ease of access.

To keep your internet connection from being totally dedicated to FDM, it allows you to manage how much data it can use. Finally, it supports multiple languages and has a portable mode which you can use for multiple computers and retain your settings.

Is free download manager safe?

FDM is safe as it has been rigorously tested for viruses and bugs. If you are concerned about privacy, you may not want to connect it to your browser. It allows the program to access and view all your information on the browser.

Also, it would not be wise to download the newest version on anything older than Windows 7. The software only is compatible with later versions. However, it is open-sourced so anyone with the capabilities can modify the program to their needs.

Which is the best free download manager?

EagleGet is an alternative to FDM. It has much of the same functionality however it has a better media grabber. It does fall short with the fact it comes bundled with other software, including the media grabber. Its file sorting system is not as robust as FDM’s.

Utorrent has long been a popular downloader for torrents. Because it is focused on this area, it has great utility when it comes to getting torrents. However, it is not equal to FDM’s flexibility and simple interfacing options.

Another option, Xtreme download manager, is a good alternative. It’s a bit faster, but it has the annoying habit of asking to grab everything from your browser. Both of the options are simple to use and understand.

Lastly, Ninja Download Manager is faster than FDM. The main difference between them is the lack of torrent support with NDA. Also, Ninja comes with a Vimeo direct support witch Free Download Manager has.

Efficient download storage

Overall, FDM does not fall behind its competitors in features. It has a good variety of functions while not having too many. With the ability to download torrents, it stands apart from many other accelerators. Only the safety concerns may put you off of using this downloader.

Most recently, the Firefox extension was updated to aid with direct settings. Recently, they also completely changed the interface.

Скачайте Internet Download Manager на русском языке бесплатно для Windows

Версия Платформа Язык Размер Формат Загрузка
* скачайте бесплатно Internet Download Manager для Windows, файл проверен!
Internet Download Manager


Русский 7.3MB .exe


Обзор Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (Интернет Довланд Манагер) – менеджер загрузок для компьютеров, работающих под управлением операционной системы Windows. Предназначен для оптимизации и ускорения закачки файлов из Интернет или локальной сети. По заявлениям разработчиков, работает на 30% быстрее своих аналогов.

Ключевые особенности Internet Download Manager

Помимо изначально доступных для загрузки файлов, приложение умеет скачивать видео с видеохостинговых сервисов, на которых возможность скачивания видео не предусмотрена – YouTube, Google Video и других. Также доступно скачивание видео, которое проигрывается на веб-страницах и в онлайн-кинотеатрах. При этом предоставляется возможность выбрать формат и разрешение файла для скачивания. Кроме этого, Internet Download Manager имеет следующий функционал:

  • • Возможность работы с протоколом https;
  • • Загрузка в многопоточном режиме с последующим объединением файла;
  • • Работа по расписанию. Отложенные загрузки можно закачать в удобное время, не перегружая интернет-канал во время работы за компьютером;
  • • Поддержка протоколов FTP и HTTP;
  • • Докачка файлов с места разрыва соединения (необходима поддержка с отдающей стороны);
  • • Выбор папок для сохранения файлов с определенными расширениями. Если ничего не указывать, то приложение автоматически будет сортировать скаченный контент на 5 категорий и создаст для них папки – «Видео», «Документы», «Программы», «Сжатые». «Музыка»;
  • • Интеграция со всеми популярными браузерами позволяет включить перехват ссылок, для автоматического перенаправления в Internet Download Manager;
  • • Возможность создать папку для хранения временных файлов на другом физическом диске, что увеличивает скорость работы программы во время слияния одних файлов во время закачки других;
  • • Возможность подключить модуль установленного антивируса и проверять все загружаемые файлы.

На выполняемые операции можно настроить звуковые оповещения. Присутствует возможность тонкой настройки для работы с использованием прокси-серверов. Интерфейс Internet Download Manager переведен на русский язык. Последняя доступная на сегодня версия с индексом 6.30 была выпущена в 2017 году.


Похожие программы

uTorrent — скоростной и функциональный BitTorrent-клиент
FileZilla — удобный бесплатный FTP-клиент
Zona — программа для скачивания фильмов, игр, музыки — расширение для скачивания с социальных сетей
MediaGet — менеджер загрузок для поиска и скачивания файлов
BitTorrent — торрент-приложение
DC++ — бесплатный клиент для сети Direct Connect


Ace Stream Media

Internet Download Manager
qBittorrent — бесплатный мультиплатформенный BitTorrent-клиент
YouTube Downloader — программа, позволяющая скачать видео с YouTube бесплатно
Google Drive


IP-TV Player

Download Master — менеджер закачек, обеспечивающий быструю загрузку

MultiBoot — программа для восстановления загрузочных записей windows

Epic Games Launcher

Media Creation Tool



Аудио | Видео программы

Графические программы

Microsoft Office


Интернет программы

Диски и Файлы

IDM Internet Download Manager Overview

IDM Internet Download Manager is an imposing application which can be used for downloading the multimedia content from Internet. Once installed into your system you will be greeted with a very well organized and intuitive user interface. There is a center list which is home to all the files that are to be processed. The upper portion of the interface provides you access to most important features which is represented by customizable icons. You can also download IDM Internet Download Manager 6.31.

IDM Internet Download Manager integrates with some of the most popular web browsers which includes Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome. Whenever you encounter the videos a little button will pop-up which will enable you to start downloading or for schedule it for later. When you are about to download a file you need to set an output directory and the category of your desired items. All in all IDM Internet Download Manager is an imposing application which can be used for downloading multimedia from Internet. You can also download Internet Download Manager IDM 6.28.

Version: 1.7.4 (16.02.2018)

  • added the new youtube video tags
  • added filter to a dialog form «Download All Links with AntDM»
  • added the cleaning of temporary M3U8 files after the downloading crash\stop
  • added support ID3v2 tag of MP3 file. When you save an audio track to an MP3 file, ID3v2 tag: filename, publisher, cover image, etc. is added (if such information can be obtained).
  • fixed the youtube parser
  • fixed the youtube playlist parsing
  • fixed the category management
  • fixed addon installation for the new versions of Waterfox
  • fixed AntDM.exe crash when user delete or cancel downloading
  • fixed the software main list context menu
  • fixed and updated Chrome and Firefox extensions
  • refactoring and bug fix

От IDM к IGA: разворот от систем к человеку

IDM-системы позволяют управлять идентификационными данными и правами доступа пользователей в информационных системах организации. На мировом рынке они появились достаточно давно, и с тех пор существенно эволюционировали. В России такие решения представлены более 10 лет.

Эволюция систем управления доступом

Изначально решения этого класса были ориентированы на управление учетными записями в информационных системах компаний. Поскольку системы создавались постепенно, в большинстве организаций со временем образовались гетерогенные среды, где в каждой информационной системе управление учетными записями осуществляется по-своему. Задача IDM-систем состояла в том, чтобы упорядочить и централизовать управление и администрирование учетными записями, автоматизировать жизненный цикл учетных записей. Позже в них добавилась функция управления доступом, и тогда IDM-системы трансформировались в IAM-системы (Identity and Access Management).

В IDM-системах доступ предоставлялся на основе ролевых моделей пользователей, но в последние годы концепция стала меняться. Раньше в центре внимания были информационные системы и наведение порядка в них, однако теперь производители IDM-систем и методология решений концентрируются на пользователе как некой сущности, для которой нужно инвентаризовать текущие права доступа. Для этого производится аналитика процессов создания, управления и использования учетных записей. Такой подход реализовался в IGA-решениях (Identity Governance & Administration).

В то время как на российском рынке превалируют аббревиатуры IDM/IAM, на международном рынке уже прижилось понятие IGA. Мировые аналитики, например, Gartner, в своих исследованиях, оценках и прогнозах оперируют именно им.

Version: 0.0.6.beta (09/10/2015)

  • Added Chinese (Simplified) language
  • added popup menu to the some leaves of the tree group. (Open folder, Change location, and Properties)
  • added popup menu to the some leaves of the tree panel. (Open folder, Change location, and Properties)
  • added — hold Ctrl key and the click mouse on the leaf of the tree opens the category folder
  • added — hold Ctrl key and the click mouse on the leaf of the tree panel the category folder
  • updated and fixed YouTube dialog
  • fixed group download
  • updated — animation of downloaded items when you hover the mouse pointer over the icon of a file, rather than its name, as it was before
  • refactoring and bug fix


What We Like

  • You can manage and monitor your downloads remotely

  • A list of download links can be saved to an encrypted file

  • Lots of options are easily customizable

  • Works on Windows, Linux, macOS, and any OS that supports Java

What We Don’t Like

Setup might ask you to install other programs you might not want

Probably the coolest feature in JDownloader is its remote management ability. Use either the mobile app or the My JDownloader website to start, stop, and monitor your downloads from anywhere.

The LinkGrabber in JDownloader adds any download link from the clipboard directly into the program so you can start a download nearly immediately after copying the link.

This download manager can also save a list of download links as a password protected encrypted file so you can easily import them again later.

A play, pause, and stop button are at the top of the program, which makes controlling all pending downloads really simple.

It’s also really easy to control the download speed and maximum number of simultaneous connections and downloads from the bottom of the JDownloader program at any time.

The JDownloader free download manager supports Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, within the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

This program might download inside a RAR archive, in which case a program like 7-Zip is needed in order to open it. Also, look out for other install offers within the setup that don’t pertain to JDownloader—feel free to skip them if you want.

Earn money by recommending Internet Download Manager!

The Internet Download Manager (IDM) Affiliate program is an easy way for you to earn money by promoting Internet Download Manager.

At present time Internet Download Manager is a very popular application with more than 5,000,000 registered users worldwide. It’s editors’ pick on most poplar downloads sites like CNet, ZDNet, Hotfiles, and others. Most people like Internet Download Manager (see user opinions) and they purchase it before or after the expiration of the trial period.

Because of the popularity of Internet Download Manager, you can earn generous referral fees simply by linking to Internet Download Manager from your web site, and having visitors click from your site through to our web site to download free trial version of IDM.

Share-IT will handle all of the sales, customer service, and tracking of sales generated from your site.

Currently we will pay you 20% of any single sale of Internet Download Manager that have been tracked and originated from your website.

The good thing about this program is your referrals don’t have to purchase anything right away. They might visit your website, then go to Internet Download Manager home site and download the software and try it out for a month. You still will get the credit for the sale.

You just have to follow these easy steps:

  1. Join for free and earn 20% for each sale your website generates. 
  2. Place Internet Download Manager banners, marketing slogans, etc. on your site (see below). 
  3. For downloading IDM you should use the following link
    For example
    Our server will set cookies with your-shareit-id on customer computer and redirect the customer to download the latest version of IDM 
  4. You may set the download link to your banners, popular pages and don’t forget to replace YOUR_SHAREIT_ID
    with your actual affiliate ID number.  
  5. When the customer visits our purchase page, our server will see the cookies and redirect the customer to shareit purchase page with your affiliate ID
    This way we will credit you for all purchases of IDM downloaded by visitors from your site. 
  6. Recommend our products and refer your visitors to download IDM. 
  7. Receive checks with your generated sales monthly. 

Please note that this technology will not work in specific countries where we sell IDM only via local resellers. You can check if you can purchase via shareit by visiting our purchase page. If you see shareit purchase option on the purchase page, you can purchase IDM and affiliate system will work for your country. if you have cookies set to your affiliate ID as above, our purchase page will redirect you to shareit purchase page immediately.

Do You Need Your Own Web Site?

You need some space on the web where you can put the links for referring visitors to Internet Download Manager site. The tracking system which gives you credit for referrals, requires that you link to our web site using a special URL containing your affiliate code. The only way to ensure that your referrals get to the Internet Download Manager site using your special links is for those links to be present on your web site.

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager or FDM is yet another open-source download manager for Windows which is very powerful. FDM, like other download managers on this list, brings faster download speeds by splitting the downloading files into different parts and then downloading those parts simultaneously. It also supports pausing and resuming of downloads even when a download is interrupted abruptly. One of the unique features of FDM is its support for torrent files which comes in really handy at times. I also love its bandwidth management features which allow me to allocate bandwidth to downloads thereby allowing me to surf the web without any hindrance in speed. FDM is also one of the best looking download managers on this list and I quite like its modern and clean UI.

All that said, my favorite feature of Free Download Manager is its smart file management and scheduler system. With FDM you can easily organize downloaded files by their type. So, all my files are organized even before they are downloaded. With FDM, all my videos, games, and music downloads are sent to their respective folders. I love using FDM and it’s one of my most favorite download managers in the market. The fact that it is totally free to use without any ads makes this even better. If you are looking for a free and powerful download manager for Windows, definitely try it out.


  • Modern UI
  • Easy auto organization of downloaded files
  • Support torrent downloads
  • Free to use


Sometimes it is a bit slow to parse the links

Visit: Website (free)

Data corruption problem

IDM started to download the file using one connection because of data corruption when newly received data in several connections did not match the same data downloaded earlier.

IDM started to download the file from the beginning since data was corrupted because newly received data did not match the same data downloaded earlier.

When IDM downloads a file using several connections, IDM requests several bytes more for every file part to match the adjacent file part data which was downloaded by another connection. When IDM resumes a download, it falls back on several bytes and compares the beginning on new data with the end of old data downloaded earlier. When the data does not match, IDM will re-download the non-matching file part from the beginning. When the data does not match in several connections, IDM will start downloading the file from scratch using one connection.The corruption of data may happen because of the following reasons:1. Firewalls, antiviral and other security software control the process of downloading from network and writing data to disks. These programs interfere in opening network connections and in file creation process. When IDM wants to write received data to files, security programs first pass all data through their internal buffers where they scan data for possible viruses. Several firewalls and some antiviral software mix the data of different connections, and thus they mix file parts. For example, several versions of Eset NOD have this problem. When IDM opens several files quickly in one thread, it mixes file descriptors. Also many other cases are known when security programs caused a data corruption. Note that even disabling the security program may not help because they still have their drivers in memory which do this job in background. Users reported successful problem resolution only after uninstalling a security program.
Note that IDM cannot in any way bypass a security program when downloading or saving files, and data corruption does not depend on IDM.
Many firewall and antiviral programs gives IDM maximum access rights on downloading and writing to disks during first IDM installation. But after IDM updates, security software may see that IDM executable file has changed and starts to block access or turns on detailed download/write verification without user notification. In this case customers report high CPU load, timeouts, and several customers reported data corruption.2. Different «Internet accelerators» or «video accelerators» may also interfere in a download process. They also may cause the same problems just like security software3. Such problems are possible with proxy servers either set in IDM or transparent proxy servers that can be used by your Internet provider. In this case try to change the proxy server, try another Interney provider, or use VPN.4. If IDM downloads from the majority of sites without a problem, but has a problem with specific site(s), then the problem is in the site(s). There are sites which send incorrect data on resume, or the site always send files from scratch. In this case please contact site(s) administrators.

İdman Tv Canlı izle

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            Azerbaycan kanalları arasında en popüler kanallardan biri olarak yer almaktadır. Uluslararası spor kanalı unvanı ile çeşitli spor faaliyetleri programlarını canlı olarak dahi yayına sunmaktadır. Kanalın kuruluş tarihi ve yayın hayatına başlangıç tarihi olarak 1 Ağustos 2009 yılı olduğu görülmektedir. Azerbaycan’ın devlet bünyesinde yayın yapan kanallarından biri konumunda bulunmaktadır. Kanal slogan olarak «Bize dünya bakıyor » ibaresini kendi içerisinde kullanmaktadır.
            Azerbaycan’ın yanı sıra karasal yayın üzerinden Türkiye’de de kanalın programlarını izleme imkanı bulunmaktadır. Kanalın genel merkezi Azerbaycan’ın başkenti Bakü’ de bulunmaktadır. İdman TV bünyesinde özellik ile son yıllarda canlı maçlar için şifre koyulmasından dolayı kanala olan ilgi de artış göstermiş olmaktadır. Kanalın programlarını daha net ve gerçekçi olarak izlemek için HD yayını da bulunmaktadır. Azerbaycan kökenli olup da Türkiye’de en çok bilinen ve izlenen kanal olarak İdman TV ön plana çıkmaktadır. 
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            Kanalı Türkiye’de sadece Digitürk 89. kanal üzerinden izleme imkanı bulunmaktadır. TURKSAT 4A bünyesinde frekansı bulunmadığı için Türkiye’de karasal yayını bulunmamaktadır. Ayrıca kanalın eski programlarını ve canlı yayını ise mevcut bulunan internet sitesi aracılığı ile herhangi bir frekansa da ihtiyaç kalmadan izleme imkanı bulunmaktadır. 

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yayıncı arkadaşlara çok teşekkür ederiz bedavadan azerice olsa bile keyifle izledik emeğinize sağlık



Polad isayev
SaLaM aLEKUM qəşəydi

İdman Tv

İdman Tv

Tam adı İdman Azerbaycan Televizyonudur. 2009 yılında kurulmuştur. Sahibi Azerbaycan Televiziya ve Radio Veriliş Qapalı Sehmdar Cemiyeti olan televizyon kanalının sloganı “Bize dünya baxır”dır. Televizyonu Diğitürk 89. Kanaldan bakabilirsiniz. Genel merkezi Bakü’dedir. Dünyanın en Prestijli spor aktivitelerini sunan uluslar arası bir kanaldır.1 Ağustos 2009 yılında yayına merhaba demiştir. Kanal futbol, motospor, basketbol, atletizm gibi birçok spor dallarına hizmet vermektedir. Kanal FIFA Dünya Kupası, Avrupa Futbol Şampiyonası, UEFA Avrupa Ligi, UEFA Şampiyonlar Ligi, UEFA Süper Kupası, Barclays Premier League, La Liga, Almanya Bundesliga,Yaz Olimpiyat Oyunları, Avrupa Oyunları, Formula 1, Avrupa Bayanlar Voleybol Şampiyonlar Ligi, Avrupa Bayanlar CEV Kupası, Güreş Azerbaycan Ligi, Boks Azerbaycan Ligi, WSB , Salon Futbolu, At Yarışları, Judo,Jimnastik  gibi daha birçok spor dalını ekrana getirecektir.

İdman Tv sadece Azerbaycan sınırları içerisinde bulunan spor olaylarına değil dünyanın dört bir tarafında gerçekleşen spor olaylarını da izlemektedir. Kanal sahip olduğu yayın haklarını ücretsiz olarak izleyicileriyle buluşturmaktadır. Formula 1 yarışları da bunlardan biri. Fransa’nın 1906 yılında ilk yarışı düzenlenmiştir. Organizatörler bu yarışın bu kadar ilgi göreceğini kestiremeseler de zamanla farkına varmışlardır. İlk yarış Le Mans yakınlarındaki 100 km uzunluğundaki pistte, 32 aracın katılımıyla gerçekleşmiştir. Yarış 2 günde sona erdi. Macar Ferenc Szisz’in kullandığı Renault marka araç birinci oldu. Saatteki ortalama hızı 100 metreydi.

Yabancı liglerin maçlarını da sunan İdman Tv seyretme nedenlerinden biride La Liga ve Bundesliga maçlarının da verilmesidir. Eğlenceli yarışma programları da sunan kanal seyredilmeye değer kalitede. Kanal 24 saat kesintisiz yayın yapmaktadır. Programlarının çoğu spor dalı üzerinedir. Spor dalındaki hemen hemen her kategoriden yeni haberleri, transferleri, maç skorlarını izleyicileriyle buluşturmaktadır. Sporun sadece futboldan olmadığını göstererek, diğer dallarında güzelliklerini ve zorluklarını tanıtma fırsatı yakalamıştır. Kadınlarında birçok spor dalıyla ilgilenmeye başlaması da bu dalların daha yaygın bir şekilde yayılmasını sağlamıştır.

Kanalın bazı program adları Spor Sağlığın Rahmidir, İnstasport, Satranç Olimpiadasının Günlüğü,Favorit, “Kotv Klasik” Telejurnal, Futbol Dahileri, Bakı 2015 Avrupa Oyunları, Flaqman’dır. Bunların dışında da birçok program kanalda mevcuttur. Yarışma programlarının formatında sınırsız eğlencenin yer aldığı görülmektedir. Programa katılanlar kadar seyredenlerinde eğlendiği yarışma programlarını izleyebilirsiniz.  Türkiye’de çok fazla seyredilmemekte olmasına karşın yayın akışının takibinde azda olsa bir iki programın seçilerek izlenmesini tavsiye ederiz. Kanal aynı zamanda Azeri Milli Spor kanalı olduğu için birçok ülkede seyredilebilmektedir.

Free Download Manager (FDM)

What We Like

  • Able to integrate with your web browser

  • Supports pausing and resuming downloads

  • Enables bandwidth control

  • Can download whole websites

  • Lets you download specific files out of archives

  • Runs on Windows and macOS

  • Supports plugins for extra features like BitTorrent support

What We Don’t Like

Your antivirus program might identify the software as malicious and block it from installing or being used correctly

This free download manager is called…you guessed it, Free Download Manager (FDM). It can monitor and intercept downloads from web browsers, but can also work independently of them.

You can create batch downloads, download torrents, preview ZIP files before they’re downloaded and even deselect files you don’t want from the compressed folder, download entire websites, resume broken downloads, download all links from the clipboard, and quickly control the bandwidth allocation for all downloads.

Downloads are performed in order of how they’re listed in FDM, but you can move files up or down the list to set their priority.

In addition to the above, you can preview and convert audio and video files before they’re finished downloading, as well as set traffic limits and schedule downloads to occur on certain days only.

Free Download Manager runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. The browser integration works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

FDM Lite can also be downloaded, which requires less disk space than the regular version by removing things like the torrent client. If a download manager is all you’re after, this is the better choice.

Version: 1.7.2 (12.01.2018)

  • added Greek language translation. Thanks to Soulimiotis Theodoros for translation.
  • added Italian language translation. Thanks to Tony Di Colore for translation.
  • added support for more video sites:,,, and
  • updated and fixed stream M3U8 protocol parser
  • updated and fixed stream MPEG-DASH protocol parser
  • fixed the wrong offer for downloading many TS files by Chrome and Firefox extensions.
  • fixed status info for
  • fixed media converter
  • fixed and updated Firefox extension
  • fixed and updated Chrome extension
  • refactoring and bug fix
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