Vpn служба — okayfreedom vpn premium (акция comss — на 1 год бесплатно)

§ 5 Prohibited use

  • a) Sending undesired data, phising, and similar activities
    • The sending of junk mail, spam, chain letters, data not desired by the recipient, spimming, or spamming, or similar activities;
    • computer espionage or otherwise unpermitted or unfair distribution of data;
    • phishing and similar activities;
    • the electronic or other collection of user IDs or Email addresses of users, particularly for the sending of unsolicited Email, as well as unauthorized framing or linking.
  • b) Violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties and contractual conditions.
  • c) Automization, disturbances of OkayFreedom, account abuse.
    • All automated usage of the system, e.g. the creation of user account or sending or receiving data with the help of scripts;
    • the disturbance, interruption, or overuse of OkayFreedom;
    • the attempt to masquerade as another user or person;
    • selling or other transfer or alienation of your own user account;
    • the usage of the OkayFreedom server interfaces through software other than that which has been provided by Steganos.
  • d) Electronic attack through crackers, crawlers, etc.
    • attempts to overcome, disable, or bypass the security barriers of OkayFreedom.
    • implementation of computer programs that automatically read data such e.g. crawlers (akaspider or robots, or bots);
    • the deliberate usage and/or distribution of viruses, worms, Trojan horses;
    • utilization of links, programs or other processes, that could or should damage the platform, database, or the network of OkayFreedom or individual users.
    • brute force attacks;
    • spamming.
  • e) (other) Violations of laws or rules
    • promotion of illegal activities or behaviors;
    • illegal, criminal activities, or plans; as well as support, incitement, instruction, or assistance of such activities, including, but not limited to, the production or the sale of illegal weapons, the violation of data protection conditions, child pornography, fraud, transmission of obscene content, drug dealing, gambling, harassment, stalking, spamming, spimming, development and distribution of computer viruses and other damaging data, copyright violations, patent violations;
    • theft of company secrets;
    • the usage of OkayFreedom in any way that violates valid laws or regulations.

Обзор на Okay Freedom Ноябрь 2020

Если вы торопитесь и вам нужна только суть — вы можете заполучить больше серверов по всему миру, лучшие VPN-функции и круглосуточную клиентскую поддержку с ExpressVPN, так зачем же продолжать поиски?!

OkayFreedom VPN очень любит напоминать своим пользователям, что у него все «окей». И мы согласны — тут все окей, но не более.

Подписка на год сразу стоит здесь неприлично дешево, и за эти деньги OkayFreedom VPN даст вам 256-битное шифрование, поддержку OpenVPN и достаточно большую серверную сеть. Стоит отметить, что есть здесь и бесплатная версия, однако лимит трафика (500 МБ) и раздражающая реклама просто заставят вас перейти на платную версию.

Если выбирать исключительно по стоимости, то это весьма интересный VPN. Увы, это не просто так: он предоставляет лишь самый базовый функционал. Иными словами, всех по-настоящему нужных функций вы тут не найдете. Нет ни экстренного отключения от Сети, ни перенаправления портов, ни защиты от утечек данных.

Это неприятно, но не смертельно. Политика конфиденциальности OkayFreedom VPN придется по душе всем тем, кто считает, что VPN-сервисы бывают лишь и только лишь безлоговыми. Скорость подключения не дает повода для восторженных криков, однако ее вполне достаточно, чтобы смотреть стримы в формате HD и скачивать крупные файлы. Но помните: несмотря на заявления на сайте, использовать этот VPN-сервис для незаконного распространения данных по протоколу P2P нельзя — Условия предоставления услуг это запрещают.

Наконец, отметим, что OkayFreedom VPN предоставляет 30-дневную гарантию возврата денег — приятный сюрприз для тех, кто хочет сперва взвесить все за и против, а платить уже после.

Все еще не уверены, подходит ли вам OkayFreedom VPN? Ознакомьтесь с лучшими рекомендуемыми нами VPN-сервисами, чтобы узнать больше.

§ 17 Final Provisions and Severability Clause

(1) The terms of use of the customer are not valid. (2) Should a term in these conditions be or become invalid, ineffective or inexecutable, the parties undertake to replace it with a condition which, insofar as is possible, comes closest in legal terms to the economic purpose of the agreement. The parties agree that an ineffective or unworkable provision is to be replaced with an effective and workable provision the effects of which come closest to the association’s purpose and to the purpose of the ineffective or unworkable provisions of the contractual partners. The existing conditions are correspondingly valid in the case that the contract proves to be incomplete. § 139 of the German Civil Code (BGB) is excluded. (3) German law applies . Place of fulfillment and forum for legal disputes is Berlin unless a special forum (e.g. for enforcement proceedings) is designated.

OkayFreedom VPN: Speed and Security Tests

OkayFreedom VPN is a good provider in terms of security and connection speeds. All proves are here, in this section.

Ready? Let’s have a look!

Speed test for OkayFreedom VPN

I have already mentioned that I was completely satisfied with the speed test results for OkayFreedom VPN. Both OkayFreedom servers in American and European were fast.

Here are my speed test results without OkayFreedom VPN:

First, I connected to one of the closest servers to my country. Here is what I got:

Such speeds allow watching high-quality movies and even download big files from the Net. Download speed was not so high even in my NordVPN review. Upload speed could be higher. It is not bad, though.

American server showed a good result as well:

Want to use OkayFreedom VPN for Netflix? I think you will hardly face some problems with it. The speeds are more than appropriate for watching Netflix US or Netflix Canada.

Security tests for OkayFreedom

Actually, it is sad that the VPN has too limited number of useful features. The VPN seems to be really trustworthy and reliable. There were not any IP or DNS leaks detected.

I have conducted several IP and DNS leak tests for OkayFreedom. IP Leak tests were successful. Here is one of them:

When I checked OkayFreedom for DNS leak, there were found nearly 5 DNS servers. However, neither of them were suspicious. DNS leak test did not detect my real location, it is, of course, a bit of good news. It means OkayFreedom is able to hide your IP making you invisible on the Internet.

Finally, the last test for OkayFreedom VPN!

Before using the VPN on my Windows, I run the installation file of OkayFreedom VPN through VirusTotal.com. Unfortunately, the test resulted in some suspicious warning.

I recommend you to check your own install files to make sure they are clean I will not harm your computer.

OkayFreedom VPN: Unique Benefits and Features

OkayFreedom belongs to the German company, Steganos Software. The service is not very popular among netizens. However, OkayFreedom VPN free keys attract a certain amount of VPN users.

Extremely handy OkayFreedom VPN is one of the cheapest VPN providers on the market. Though, it is available on Windows only and allows connecting only one device.

Its clear privacy policy and decent speeds make the provider a perfect choice for those who need a VPN for regular safety needs: hiding IP, anonymous browsing and bypassing geo-restrictions.

Here are the pros and cons of the VPN in brief:

OkayFreedom VPN pros OkayFreedom VPN cons
⊕  Cheap annual subscription ⊗ Inside “14 Eyes”
⊕  Decent speeds ⊗ Poor customer support
⊕  Free version ⊗ Limited number of servers
⊕  Clear Privacy Policy ⊗ Windows app only
⊕  Secure encryption

If you are looking for a VPN for torrenting or unblocking streaming services, I would recommend you to opt for the following providers:

OkayFreedom VPN: Benefits and Features Tests

How to get OkayFreedom VPN Premium

In my previous reviews, I wrote that this or that VPN is easy to use or install. I just did not try to download OkayFreedom.

The service does not require any registration. You will not have to remember your credentials to sign in to the VPN software.

  • Just go to the official website of the provider and choose between two options: free VPN or a premium one.
  • I have chosen OkayFreedom Premium. The only thing left to do is to fill in my name, country and other information. The last step is to choose a payment method. Everything is extremely simple!

How to use OkayFreedom Premium on Windows

  • If you want to download OkayFreedom for free, just click “Download” on the home page of the VPN website. You will be redirected to a Cnet download page.
  • Click “Download now”. As soon as you click downloaded file on the bottom left corner of your browser, the installation process will start automatically. Follow all the necessary steps and wait until the app installs. After the installation, you will be offered to use OkayFreedom as an extension for your browser.
  • Now you can find the icon of the software on your desktop. Actually, the app seems like an adaption of OpenVPN GUI. It has the same minimalistic settings and interface.
  • To start using the VPN, right-click the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • You can manage your license at any time, just click “Manage license…”
  • You may choose “Buy now” or “Enter serial” if you have one.

The app left controversial impressions. On the one hand, it does not provide extra security features that other VPNs like PIA does. On the other hand, the software is so simple and convenient to use. I personally think that a huge amount of VPN users will like OkayFreedom VPN software.

OkayFreedom VPN for Netflix

While trying to learn more about OkayFreedom VPN on the Internet, I found out that the service users state that the VPN is not able to unblock Netflix. It was interesting for me to try to visit this streaming service with OkayFreedom VPN.

Firstly, I decided to connect to the server in the USA. Actually, I was managed to unblock Netflix US. Have a look:

The same is for Netflix Canada:

So, I can recommend OkayFreedom VPN for watching your favourite TV shows. However, do not forget that you can do this only on your Windows computer or through your browser.

Сравнение альтернативных программ:

CyberGhost VPN

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Описание Подключайте данный VPN-сервис, чтобы работать в Интернете без геотаргетинга, хакерских атак и вторжений в частную жизнь. Виртуальная частная сеть с политикой истинно нулевых логов и достойными скоростями. Скачать CactusVPN, версия 6.5.1 Безопасная и анонимная работа в Интернете с помощью виртуальной частной сети.
Загрузки 2,145 25 56 3,704
Цена $ 0 $ 0 $ 4.99 $ 4.53
Размер файла 115.00 MB 17.80 MB 9.60 MB 19.20 MB





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