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Government[edit | edit source]

Main article: Lady of Pain

The sole ruler of Sigil is the mysterious Lady of Pain. She rarely if ever communicates with her citizens and punishes any who cross her path or attempt to worship her with flaying to death or mazing, making the denizens very supersticious and wary of drawing her attention.

Leaving every day laws and the running of the city up to her citizens, the Lady only interferes when the stability of Sigil is in jeopardy. She keeps the powers (deities) who would take advantage of the city’s unique location and its many portals and endanger its neutrality, out of the city, destroying any who wander in.


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Визуальный (WYSIWYG) редактор EPUB, с возможностью редактирования файлов EPUB на основе кода и импорт HTML и текстовых файлов.

  1. Полная поддержка спецификации UTF-16 и ePub 2.
  2. Многооконность: книга, код и просмотр.
  3. Редактирование WYSIWYG в режиме просмотра книги.
  4. Генератор содержимого с поддержкой многоуровневого заголовка.
  5. Редактор метаданных с полной поддержкой всех записей метаданных.
  6. Проверка орфографии на основе Hunspell с использованием стандартных и настраиваемых пользователем словарей.
  7. Полное регулярное выражение (PCRE) для поиска и замены.
  8. Поддержка импорта файлов EPUB и HTML, изображений и таблиц стилей.
  9. Встроенный API для внешних HTML и графических редакторов.
  10. Валидатор FlightCrew для проверки соответствия стандарту EPUB (отдельный плагин).

Government[edit | edit source]

The Lady of Pain hovering over the streets of Sigil.

The ruler of Sigil was the mysterious Lady of Pain, who reigned from her seat of power known as the Throne of Blades. Her power controlled all the portals in the city and prevented all deities and archfiends from entering it. The Lady did not otherwise concern herself with ruling the city directly; she typically only interfered when something threatened the stability of Sigil itself or crossed one of her few but unforgiving edicts, which amounted to keeping the peace and refraining from worship of her.

The Lady was an entity of inscrutable motives, but she was known for being swift and merciless when dealing with threats to her and to the City of Doors. Those who crossed her, even accidentally, risked being flayed to death or teleported to extradimensional labyrinths known as the Lady’s Mazes, never to be seen again. Tales also existed of would-be usurpers to the Throne of Blades who ended up imprisoned in Agathion, the third layer of Pandemonium.

Although the Lady of Pain did not act directly in the everyday management of Sigil, her will was enforced through a number of servants known as dabus, who simultaneously served as the Lady’s eyes and ears as well as keepers of the structure of Sigil. Like the Lady, the dabus did not interact much with Sigil’s inhabitants or travelers. It was considered wise to leave the dabus be, since antagonizing them incurred the risk of bringing down the infrequent but harsh wrath of their mistress.

The dabus, silent caretakers of Sigil.

The dabus also constantly repaired and reshaped Sigil, recycling materials from one structure to build another. They were believed to be the only ones who truly understood the inner workings of the city, and some even speculated that the dabus were the true rulers of Sigil. It was believed that the dabus dwelled somewhere in the crypts in the city’s underground.

Thanks to the Lady’s strict forbiddance of open large-scale conflict, Sigil was a true neutral haven to all visitors. It was a location where no wars were waged and even the fiercest opponents, such as an angel and a fiend or a devil and a demon, could be seen sharing a drink and momentarily setting their differences aside.

Nevertheless, Sigil was hardly peaceful; the Lady of Pain did not concern herself with day-to-day crime such as murder or petty theft. Only threats to Sigil, and, by extension, to the Lady herself, were met with direct action by her and the dabus. This lack of direct oversight and the need for personal maintenance of law and order gave visitors and Cagers the feeling that Sigil was constantly on the brink of anarchy.

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Для этого надо перейти в папку с файлами для EPUB и выполнить две команды:

$ zip -0Xq my-book.epub mimetype

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BlueGriffon EPUB Edition
или oXygen XML Author.

Sigil — не слишком сложный редактор, позволяющий с нуля сделать EPUB 2
или отредактировать его; при этом изменения файлов контента (добавление или удаление
текстовых файлов, файлов шрифтов и т. д.) программа автоматически внесёт в
content.opf и toc.ncx.

Они все не идеальны. Sigil не слишком устойчив в работе, не всегда корректно
отображает шрифты и т. д. Кроме того, разработчик Sigil прекратил его разработку
и посоветовал следить за тем, как развивается calibre. BlueGriffon EPUB Edition,
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Редактор oXygen XML Author — вариант программы oXygen XML Editor,
мощного XML-редактора, предназначенного для работы со структурированными данными
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его функции избыточны, а в настройках легко разберется только профессионал в XML.


SIGIL Announcement


  • E5M1: Baphomet’s Demesne
  • E5M2: Sheol
  • E5M3: Cages of the Damned
  • E5M4: Paths of Wretchedness
  • E5M5: Abaddon’s Void
  • E5M6: Unspeakable Persecution (Exit to secret level)
  • E5M7: Nightmare Underworld
  • E5M8: Halls of Perdition (Spiderdemon and Cyberdemon are the bosses)
  • E5M9: Realm of Iblis (Secret level)
  • E5M1: «Hate Machine»
  • E5M2: «You Ain’t the Boss o’ Me»
  • E5M3: «Quell the Beast»
  • E5M4: «Riot Squadron»
  • E5M5: «Alice»
  • E5M6: «Besieged City»
  • E5M7: «Watching You»
  • E5M8: «Easel»
  • E5M9: «Adrenaline in the Blood»
  • Title screen: «Lands of Ire»
  • Intermission screen: «Big Guns»

MP3 Soundtrackedit

  • E5M1: «Romero One Mind Any Weapon»
  • E5M2: «13th Floor»
  • E5M3: «Buildor 2»
  • E5M4: «The Patrolman»
  • E5M5: «Cold Frost part 6»
  • E5M6: «Melting Man part 2»
  • E5M7: «Far 5»
  • E5M8: «Poseidon 4-6»
  • E5M9: «Fastpass»
  • Title screen: «Eye on Spiral, Part 1»
  • Intermission screen: «Triceratoptron»

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которые стандарт EPUB требует для описания книги.

Минимальный набор файлов, который входит в EPUB (речь о EPUB 2, пока самом распространённом,
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Sigil-1.1.0 represents a mix of bug fixes and new features for both epub2 and epub3 users. Some of the highlights for this release include:

Dark mode suport for Windows Linux and macOSX. Mac is the only one of the three platforms where Qt inherently supports the system-level dark mode.

A brand-new higher-contrast icon set for Sigil has been contributed by BeckyEbook. Thanks for all your contributions to this version @BeckyDTP !

Sigil’s preference widgets have been redesigned to fit on smaller screens and to make room for future preference. Make sure you take a look around. Everything is still there (and a few things have been added), but some things have been regrouped and relocated.

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

Wards of Sigiledit | edit source

The wards of Sigil.

Sigil was divided into six wards. Although the boundary between wards was not clearly marked on the city’s streets or maps, it was usually easy to identify a ward based on the general upkeep and packing of the buildings, as well as the type of business conducted there. Counter-clockwise around the ring, the wards of Sigil were the following:

The richest and most exclusive section of the city, home to the elites of society and of its government.
The main location for purchasing goods and services. It was famous for offering items from numerous planes and worlds.
Usually counted as part of the Market Ward. Home to the traders, craftsmen, artisans, guild members and other members of the middle class.
An affluent district, home to most of the city’s lower-rung bureaucrats and middlemen.
The slum and the ghetto, home to the poor, the rogues, and the unwanted dregs of the city.
An industrial district, clogged up with the smoke from the foundries and from the portals to the Lower Planes.

Сигил во внесеттинговых материалах и других редакциях[править | править код]

Dungeons & Dragons 3править | править код

В руководстве «Manual of the Planes» Сигил был описан как пример планарного метрополиса, хотя детализация уступала второй редакции AD&D. Фракции не упоминались (что неудивительно, так как к этому времени уже произошли события «Войны фракций»). Ключевым моментом было то, что Сигил — торговый перекресток Планов, место, где можно купить всё.

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5править | править код

В этой редакции Сигил был мимоходом упомянут в базовых книгах, а именно — в Руководстве Мастера (как пример места на Внешних Землях). Там утверждалось, что в Сигиле может быть найден NPC любой расы и класса, а также содержались советы автору по созданию образа планарного мегаполиса, где есть все, от домов из заклинаний Wall of Force, до магических иллюзий в качестве рекламы.

Сигил четвёртой редакции

New Features (since the 1.0.0 release):

  • Added Support for Dark Mode for Windows, Linux and macOSX (Thanks BeckyEbook!)
  • Added new icons that work well under both Light and Dark modes (Thanks BeckyEbook)
  • Added ability to use Dark Mode for Preview (controlled by Preferences)
  • Added Zoom Keys Ctrl +/- support to the Inspector (for improved Accessibility)
  • Added support for a second Clip bar with up to 20 additional clips
  • Select Special Character Dialog now support scrollbars
  • Guide and Nav titles are now translated into ebook language (if translations available)
  • All Report Names have been shortened to allow larger font sizes for better Accessibility
  • Added improved contrast icons (Thank you BeckyEbook!)
  • Completely reworked all Sigil Preference Dialogs to make them more screen/user friendly
  • Added support for controlling Windows/Linux HighDPI settings
  • Clips from the Clips QDockwidget window can now be used in CSS Tabs as well.
  • The plugin interface has been extended to show current colorMode and primary colors

See also[edit | edit source]

The Hive
Mortuary Area (Mortuary | Gathering Dust Bar | Mausoleum) • Northwestern AreaMarketplace AreaSmoldering Corpse Area (Smoldering Corpse Bar | Fell’s Tattoo Parlor) • Alley of Dangerous AnglesRagpicker’s Square
Under the Hive
Trash WarrensBuried Village (Pharod’s Court) • Weeping Stone CatacombsDead NationsWarrens of ThoughtDrowned NationsTomb of the Nameless One
Other Wards
Tenement of ThugsAlley of Lingering SighsLower Ward (Great Foundry | Bones of the Night) • Clerk’s Ward (Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts | Civic Festhall) • Undersigil
Player’s MazeModron MazeBlack-Barbed Maze
Outlands and Hells
Outer Curst (Traitor’s Gate Tavern) • Inner CurstCurst UndergroundCurst PrisonOutlandsBaator (Pillar of Skulls) • Curst GoneCurst in CarceriCurst Administration
Fortress of Regrets
Fortress Entrance • • • •

Bug Fixes:

  • fix missing python3 network certifications on macOS
  • do not apply named entities in Preserve Entities to epub3 epubs
  • fix build docs for macOS
  • prevent FlowTab destructor race crash when opening a new book (Linux, Mac, Windows)
  • fix suggestions for built-in en_US dictionary by adding «x» to the TRY list
  • fix plugins adding and deleting ncx under epub3
  • throw exception in plugins when epub2 tries to add or delete the ncx
  • fix bad Warning message about missing nav.xhtml file that was not missing
  • fix CodeView to Preview sync breakage due to minimize/restore
  • fix CodeView to Preview sync breakage due to attempting to load the Preview before it
    finished loading the last update
  • fix sigil_bs4 to work with latest python lxml 4.4.X in a backwards compatible manner
  • fix missing Preview to CodeView sync on Qt versions 5.9.X and 5.10.X
  • fix segfault on app close related to the PreviewWindow update timer firing at a bad time
  • fix CodeView to Preview syncing loss caused by spurious load finished signals
  • fix macOS specific bug that allowed multiple MainWindows to become tabs


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Structure and location[edit | edit source]

Sigil is located at the very top of an infinitely tall spire in the middle of the Outlands. The fact that the city is at the center of the multiverse is up for debate: some think it is at the center, due to it being connected to every possible plane through its portals, and its geographical location in the Outlands. Others believe that since the multiverse is infinite in all dimensions, there can be no center to it, thus giving Sigil no particular importance.

The city has the shape of a torus, a closed structure. Since no sun can light the inside of the torus, the city is illuminated artificially, becoming brighter during the day, and dimmer at night. The brightest hour of the day, equivalent to noon, is called peak, and the darkest hour of night (midnight) is named antipeak.

Portals to the Inner Planes such as the Elemental Plane of Water and the Elemental Plane of Air provide Sigil with drinking water, a sewage system, and a ventilation system.

Wardsedit | edit source

Map of Sigil, the City of Doors in the Planescape setting (Click to enlarge)

The Hive
Main article: Hive
The Hive forms the slums of the city. Largely forgotten and rarely maintained by the dabus, it is the home of the poor and the destitute, as well as many criminals looking to escape the law. The Xaositects and the Dustmen factions maintain their headquarters there.
The Lower Ward
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The Clerk’s Ward
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The Clerk’s Ward is an affluent ward, and the center of bureaucracy. The Society of Sensation faction make their headquarters in the ward’s Civic Festhall.

The Market and Guildhall Wards are the wards of the middle-class merchants and craftsmen, and the center of trade not only in the city, but in the multiverse as well.

The Lady’s Ward, although not actually home to the Lady of Pain, is the richest section of the city, home to the elites of society and the highest ranking government officials.

Portalsedit | edit source

Naturally, the City of Doors has portals to many different locations, including Baator, Carceri, the Outlands to name a few. These portals can be anywhere: a doorway, the gap between a chair and a wall, a window, in the middle of a street, and are hard to detect unless one knows what to look for. Portals need keys to activate and open them, which can be anything from a physical object such as a specific shoe or a piece of random junk, to immaterial things like a hummed tune, a thought or a gesture.

Planewalkers like Candrian Illborne strive to collect information about as many portals as they can to facilitate their travels, but their task is made harder by the portals coming and going at the whim of the Lady of Pain.

Sometimes, people wander into the city by mistake, some not even aware of having walked through a portal, as in Alais’ case. Some people, like Ingress, find themselves unable to return to their home planes, and since the only way in or out of the city is through portals, Sigil is often nicknamed the Cage.


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Как открыть файл FB2

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Многие программы поддерживают работу не только в операционной системе Windows, но и в других ОС, в том числе мобильных. В таблице я собрал некоторые приложения, чтобы пользователь сам мог решить, какой программой открыть файл FB2, исходя из установленной операционной системы на конкретном устройстве: компьютере, смартфоне или планшете.

Популярные программы для чтения книг в формате FB2 (таблица):

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FBReader Да Да Да Да Да
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Ice Book Reader Да
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Пользователь может выбрать одно универсальное решение или несколько конкретных приложений для разного типа устройств, в зависимости от своих потребностей или вкусов. Часть разработчиков развивает приложения для мобильных устройств, а версии для ПК давно не обновляли. Другие специализируются на версиях, работающих в операционной системе Windows.

Сначала разберемся, как открыть файл FB2 на компьютере с помощью программ, а затем рассмотрим чтение книг в браузерах, на онлайн сервисе, или на устройстве под управлением Андроид.

Cosmography[edit | edit source]

According to it own inhabitants, Sigil’s central position in the Outlands, a plane at equal distance from each of the Outer Planes, put the city at the center of the planes, at least according to some interpretations of the Great Wheel cosmology. Most sages agreed that, since the multiverse was infinite, there was no true center, but nevertheless Sigil was generally acknowledged as one of the most important places in the multiverse.

It was impossible to walk into and out of Sigil from the Outlands or any other location. It was also impossible to enter or exit the city, or even observe it, via spell, magic item, or any creature’s innate abilities. Although spells like plane shift, gate, and astral projection were incapable of entering or exiting Sigil, the city was not completely cut off from the Astral Plane, so spells such as raise dead, which required access to the Astral, still worked. Teleportation within the boundaries of the city also functioned normally. Like all locations in the Outer Planes, Sigil was cut off from the Ethereal plane.

The only way in or out of Sigil was via its innumerable portals. Any bounded opening (a doorway, an arch, a barrel hoop, a picture frame) could possibly be a portal to another plane, or to another point in Sigil itself. In addition, portals could be permanent or temporary, linking to fixed or shifting locations. Thus, the city touched all planes at once, yet ultimately belonged to none. Those characteristics warranted Sigil the other names it was known for: it was called «the City of Doors» for the sheer number of portals, but was also called «the Cage» for the difficulty to enter or exit the city.

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