Vmix pro крякнутый русская версия

Even more features are coming soon….

vMix 20 will have even more features added soon. As there are quite a few that we’re packing into vMix 20, we’re going to be slowly releasing them. We have some in testing right now!


  • Two additional independent outputs for vMix Call, Replay and NDI (Pro and 4K editions only)
  • Second recorder with an independent recording format that can be assigned to one of the 4 outputs. (Pro and 4K editions only)

Production Clocks

  • New Dual Production Clock can now be enabled from Settings -> Options
  • Each of the clocks can display either the current time, recording duration, streaming duration or a countdown to an event
  • Clock display can also be added as an input which can be assigned to the MultiView Output
  • Clock input can also be enabled as an NDI source on the network, providing a mobile clock that can be displayed anywhere using the free NDI tools!

vMix Call

  • Audio and Video sources sent to guests can now be changed independently at any time from the right click menu
  • All vMix editions including Basic HD can now connect to a remote vMix Call running HD or higher
  • New Low Latency option added. This can be used on reliable, high bandwidth point to point connections where the lowest possible delay is required


  • New Channel Matrix option available for every input that supports audio
  • Provides a 8×16 channel audio router to every input that can be assigned to any of the audio output buses in any combination
  • Live audio meters added to each channel in the Input Channel Mixer


  • Improved streaming settings layout
  • Each of the 3 destinations now supports independent bitrate and resolution settings
  • Hardware Encoder can also be controlled independently on each stream to assist with systems where GeForce cards only support 2 encoders at a time


  • Added support for controlling NewBlue Titler Live 3.0 via NDI
  • Supports commands such as AnimateIn, AnimateOut which can be accessed from the Input right click menu or assigned to controllers using the new shortcut function NDICommand
  • Supports live editing of Titler Live templates from within the vMix Title Editor and Web Controller, with the ability to assign data sources as well
  • vMix now includes the vMix Title Pack for free! This includes 36 additional templates including scoreboards and lower thirds.


  • Added support for X-keys XK-68 Jog/Shuttle controller
  • Improved CPU usage when streaming, particularly with 4K
  • Improved performance with 4K Magewell capture cards
  • New TCP API for embedded devices. See Developer Information in the help for more information.

Head to vMix.com to download vMix 20 today!

And now for the full list of vMix 21 updates!

Colour Correction

  • Professional colour correction on every input
  • Lift/Gamma/Gain/Hue/Saturation controls with industry standard colour wheels and bars
  • Import/export colour correction presets to use in other productions

Monitoring Tools

  • New Waveform and Vectorscope monitors in Preview and Input settings windows
  • Select the RGB icon to select from the various display options
  • Choose from Waveform RGB, Waveform Y, Parade RGB, Vectorscope and split (side by side) layout options


  • Independent streaming control support for all three destinations
  • Select a different audio bus for each stream to facilitate multilingual productions
  • New Square (1:1) and Vertical (9:16) streaming options will automatically crop the sides of the video to fit
  • To assist with these new aspect ratios, additional Safe Area presets are available
  • Added recommended streaming quality presets for Facebook


  • New Display Engine for Windows 10, improves performance (reduces render time) and smoothness on Fullscreen outputs
  • Also improves compatibility with NVIDIA Optimus laptops running the latest Windows Updates and no longer requires the “Optimus Compatibility Mode”


  • MultiView Output now supports custom input layouts in addition to the default 1-8
  • Can also be used to assign monitors based on input type, for example to show the first 4 cameras in the first row regardless of location in the inputs
  • Added support for SSL (RTMPS) streaming. This can be used with Facebook on networks that block or filter port 80 traffic
  • Key/Fill output support for compatible Blackmagic devices
  • If device supports Key/Fill a new Alpha Channel dropdown will appear in settings -> External Output


  • Configure a custom Audio Channel (bus) on each NDI output
  • Configure Alpha Channel mode on NDI outputs (Premultiplied and Straight)
  • Configure downscaling on NDI outputs (such as HD to SD)
  • NewBlue NDI integration now supports 10 command layers, up from 5


  • SetVolumeFade
  • SetOutput2,3,4
  • ColourCorrectionAuto
  • ColourCorrectionRset
  • SetCCX shortcuts to adjust Lift/Gamma/Gain/Hue/Saturation with MIDI support
  • Start/StopStreaming functions support an optional value to select the stream index (0-2)
  • InputPreviewShowHide: Show and hide the large input preview window
  • ReplaySelectedEventSingleCameraOn
  • ReplaySelectedEventCameraOn
  • ReplaySelectedEventCameraOff
  • ReplayLastEventSingleCameraOn
  • ReplayLastEventCameraOn
  • ReplayLastEventCameraOff
  • ReplaySetSelectedEventTextCamera
  • ReplaySetLastEventTextCamera


  • Support for AJA Io 4K Plus and new Kona HDMI models
  • X-Keys T-Bar/Jog/Shuttle controller support added
  • PTZ Optics ZCAM zoom control supported in PTZ controls


  • Windows Update is disabled automatically while vMix is running
  • ASUS Sonic Suite 2 will be disabled if it is installed on the system as it can substantially reduce performance
  • New Performance Alerts – If CPU or GPU exceed a certain threshold, an alert will appear in the status bar at the bottom of vMix
  • New Activators support in TCP API
  • Improved German translation
  • Fixed focus/zoom issues with Sony VISCA over IP provider
  • New repeat checkbox in vMix Social. When unchecked vMix Social will only display new posts once.
  • Dragging and dropping content into vMix will now be added to the recent items to make them easy to find in the future
  • Improved JSON support in Data Sources
  • All dropdown input lists now include input number first to make it easy to find inputs in large productions
  • Inputs.Find in Scripting API now supports numbers in addition to input names
  • Fixed a couple of memory leak issues, including with titles after extended periods of time

And now for the full list of vMix 22 updates………..

GT – Easy to use, high-performance, animated graphics

  • Over 100+ animated title, scoreboard, ticker and social templates to choose from in HD and 4K.
  • Four way ticker support: create custom tickers with top, bottom, left or right scroll directions.
  • GT Designer Standard allows creating custom static titles and animated tickers in all vMix editions
  • GT Designer Advanced allows creating custom animated titles along with the ability to import from Adobe Photoshop PSD files.
  • Spell check support added to built in vMix Title Editor.
  • New Clock dropdown box in Title Editor provides built in presets to add common clock formats to a title.

MultiCorder (4K and Pro editions)

  • Added support for recording Video Call sources in addition to Output1-4.
  • Individual MultiCorder settings can be saved in each preset.

vMix Video Codec

  • High quality, fault tolerant, low CPU codec suitable for post production editing on Windows.
  • ProRes-like codec with support for Adobe Premiere, Magix Vegas Pro and most other Windows video editing programs.
  • Supported in both the Recorder and MultiCorder.


  • New MultiView Output layout options.
  • Set the title bar either above or below the MultiView Output video previews.
  • Customise Preview/Output headings between fixed text and input names.


  • Updated NDI support to latest 3.8 SDK
  • Included vMix NDI Config tool allows toggling between UDP and TCP transmission to allow optimising performance based on network requirements.


  • Stream Deck and Stream Deck mini support. Add the vMix plugin from the Stream Deck App store. Set buttons to live thumbnail previews via shortcuts, or colours via activators.
  • Joystick Z axis support
  • Joystick pressure sensitive support. Allows variable speed pan/title/zoom on supports PTZ cameras including the new Virtual PTZ.
  • X-keys HD15 GPIO support added.


  • New GPU memory % indicator in status bar. This refers to special memory shared between the CPU and GPU and can be used to identify potential performance problems when using a large number of inputs.
  • Vimeo streaming provider now supports selecting a previous setup event to stream to.
  • SlideShow Properties window (for Photos and PowerPoint inputs) can now be resized. Rearranged image orders is now saved in the vMix preset.
  • New Copy From button in Input Settings can be used to copy Triggers, MultiView and Colour Correction between inputs.
  • New cog buttons on Preview and Output to open up associated Input Settings.
  • Added ability to solo Bus A or Bus B through Headphones output. Click the button in the Bus mixer to toggle on/off.
  • Added support for resizable VST3 plugins.

Input ALL the data

vMix 18 now allows you to include additional dynamic and static content to your production through Data Sources. These Data Sources can use external data to populate your production titles. Files can be updated locally, on the network or on the Internet and those changes can be reflected live in your video productions. You could have an external producer controlling, accessing and delivering from across the other side of the world! You can also take advantage of 3rd party programs that store data in local files such as Twitch Alerts. Data Sources support TXT, CSV, XML, RSS, and Google Sheets!

Keeping an eye on your production time!

Making sure that your production runs smoothly is very important and with the additional of 2 production clocks, vMix allows you to keep an eye on the time! You can set up your clocks to show the time of day, streaming/recording times and most importantly how long your show has been running for. Sometimes it’s very easy to get off track when doing a live show, so the countdown timer allows you to set a time-frame for your show and keep you on track! It will show a progress bar of how long you have left and will get red when you go over your time. The clocks can also be set up as an input, so you can see them in your multiview or even use NDI and an external output to send it to someone else on your network.

Recommended specs for a live streaming laptop in 2020-

  • Intel i7-10750H
  • NVIDIA GeFORCE GTX 1660ti or higher
  • Thunderbolt 3
  • G-SYNC Display
  • At least 16gb RAM
  • SSD

These requirements will provide you with the best experience for using vMix. The i7 and dedicated graphics card will allow you to produce multi-cam productions with ease. Thunderbolt 3 connectivity will give you the option to use high-speed data transfer via a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure or AJA iO4k+. G-Sync allows for the best performance with vMix and your displays.

If you’re not looking for Thunderbolt capture, there are plenty of non-Thunderbolt i7 laptops around the $999-$1299 range that will work great with vMix.

Looking for more power?

You could also look at an Intel i9 or a more powerful GPU such as the 2080.

Specific Laptop Models-

For Thunderbolt 3 capture and G-Sync

Dell Alienware M15 R3 (2020)- Intel i7 10750H/GTX 1660ti/G-Sync/Thunderbolt 3/Upgraded the SSD to 512gb

This is a lightweight 15inch laptop that will give you plenty of power for multi-cam live streaming. It gives you the flexibility of having Thunderbolt 3 capture but of course still supports USB3 and NDI. It came with a 256gb SSD which I upgraded to 512gb to allow for more storage. You can customise the laptop through the Dell website, so if you’re looking for more storage/processor power/GPU then you can configure it to your desires!

More Affordable Option for an AMD laptop

Asus TUF Gaming A15- AMD Ryzen 7 4800H/GTX 1660ti

We’ve had many people ask for affordable laptop options for vMix, so we thought we would add this as an option. The 2020 AMD laptop processors are extremely powerful even in the base models like this one. Although they don’t offer Thunderbolt or G-Sync, they will still provide a great option for vMix users who are using USB3 inputs and/or NDI sources.

If you were looking for more power, take a look at the 4900H processors and a beefier GPU.

A Web Browser Input that does it all

The vMix Web Browser Input has made adding web content to a live production an absolute breeze. It already natively supports Audio and HTML 5 Video, mouse clicking AND scrolling, but vMix 18 takes it one step further. Right-click your Web Browser input in vMix 18 and you’ll be able to use the keyboard! That’s right, it now has keyboard access. While in use it means that your keyboard shortcuts won’t work but your MIDI, XKeys etc still will. Just right-click and turn off keyboard access when you’re done. So now you can use your logins, search and write updates all from within vMix!

YouTube Tutorials For The New Features

Here’s a full list of changes!

New Features and Changes


* Assign MIDI LED lights to events in vMix such as an input going live, or audio muted and much more!
* Assign MIDI motorized faders to respond to audio mixer changes in vMix.
* Built in support for most MIDI devices including lights on X-Keys, Behringer, AKAI, Novation and Numark controllers.

Data Sources

* Setup data sources from Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, RSS, Text and XML and have these automatically updated
* Assign data from one or more data sources to multiple titles
* Move between multi-row data through shortcuts or through the Data Sources interface

Instant Replay

* Automatic three digit numbers now assigned to each event
* “Play by ID” button and shortcuts allow quickly typing in event IDs to playback
* Events can now be moved in any order
* Playing back multiple events will now show total time remaining
* Delete All button added to configuration page to delete all video data while retaining settings
* Four more events tabs added for total of eight
* Automatic video signal loss detection and recovery without user intervention


* New dockable tab user interface for List inputs
* Move, play and edit List video and audio clips directly from the main vMix window
* Number of shortcuts added to assist in controlling the list


* Ability to assign separate audio channels to Recording, Stream and External Output independently
* Choose from Master, A, B or combinations of MA or MAB for 4 and 6 channel configurations
* Independently record a master WAV file alongside each recording containing all channels selected channels


* EmbeddedAllChannels dropdown option enables multi channel audio support for AJA, Magewell and Blackmagic capture cards
* Full support for Magewell Pro Capture SDK provides lower latency and multi-channel audio support from Magewell Pro Capture series cards

Web Browser

* Keyboard input support enabled through new right click menu
* Shortcuts added for most web browser functions


* Hitbox provider added
* High profile dropdown option added to Streaming Quality Settings


* New Recent tab added that shows thumbnail previews of all recently added titles for easy lookup

Picture perfect

vMix 21 includes professional 3-way colour correction with lift, gamma and gain control which makes adjusting and matching your cameras easy and convenient. The in-built vectorscope and waveform monitors will allow vMix users to create the best picture possible for their inputs or their program output. By setting cameras to the best picture settings, vMix users will see a consistent image profile across the entire production and provide the best viewing experience for their audience. All done in real time and GPU accelerated, this kind of colour correction is something that has never been seen before in live video production software!

Что такое vMix?

Этот инструмент представляет собой программное обеспечение, поддерживающее потоковую трансляцию и очень популярное среди пользователей по всему миру. Интерфейс очень интерактивный и поставляется с множеством удивительных функций. Инструмент является лучшим для начинающих в эксплуатации. Это стало возможным благодаря встроенным в программное обеспечение функциям управления системой, которые сами управляют большинством функций. Таким образом, это делает приложение простым в использовании.

Если вы думаете об особенностях этого инструмента, можно сказать, что большинство из них аналогичны тем, что используются в Wirecast. Они могут быть легко доступны, и функции могут быть легко выполнены. Давайте посмотрим на некоторые его особенности.

Важные особенности инструмента vMix:

  • Пользователи могут вставлять входные данные, взятые из различных типов источников, включая камеры, HDMI, USB и SDI.
  • Он поддерживает большое количество форматов файлов, в том числе AVI, MP4, WMV и H.264 и т. Д. Он также позволяет пользователям принимать звуковые сигналы от любого типа источника, например, звуковых дорожек, аудиомикшеров и DeckLink и т. Д.
  • Функциональность инструмента, который поддерживает задержку видео, также может быть использована для редактирования видео в реальном времени. Это позволяет загрузчику редактировать живое видео до того, как оно будет передано зрителям.
  • Еще одна очень важная вещь, которую следует отметить об этом инструменте, заключается в том, что он позволяет пользователям одновременно выполнять различные функции. Теперь они могут передавать, записывать и собирать результаты одновременно. Инструмент поставляется с множеством шаблонов, которые можно настроить и удовлетворить потребности всех пользователей.
  • Веб-интерфейс инструментов работает в режиме сенсорного экрана. Это чрезвычайно полезно для пользователей, так как они могут вносить изменения на ходу на своих портативных устройствах, таких как iPad, Surface Pro и т. Д.
  • Инструмент поставляется с пакетом живых видеоэффектов. Они помогают пользователю редактировать видео с функциями обрезки, масштабирования, поворота, панорамирования, деинтерлейсинга, повышения резкости и коррекции цвета.


Double your recording power

We’ve had vMix users ask for the ability to create a clean and dirty record. Well with vMix 20 you’ll be able to do that easily! In the recording settings of vMix 4K and above, a new section allows you to set up another recording for your live video production. You can choose to create a second record of your output using different quality and codec settings or you can set up one of your additional outputs to create a brand new record. This could include a clean feed without overlays so you could edit it later on. You could also assign one of your outputs to record any of your production inputs which opens up endless possibilities.

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